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Research Fellowship Opportunities

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We are always looking for bright and enthusiastic researchers to help develop, verify, and validate FDS and Smokeview. Below is a list of research opportunities and possible funding mechanisms.

National Research Council Post-doctoral Fellowships (U.S. citizens only)

Funding is available on a competitive basis through the National Academies' Research Associateship Program. Note the proposal cycle due dates are once per quarter (see website for exact dates). Potential research opportunities are listed below. However, you are not limited to these specific topics. If you have other research ideas, feel free to email the advisers given in the links to see if the ideas would be of mutual interest.

Opportunities for Foreign Guest Researchers

  • Subject to available funds, foreign guest researchers may apply through the PREP program.

  • Graduate students or researchers from other institutions, companies, or universities may visit NIST to conduct research related to the FDS project through the NIST Foreign Guest Researcher Program. Although NIST sometimes can provide a modest allowance for U.S. living expenses, guest researcher support generally comes from the visitor's sponsoring companies or organizations.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Undergraduate students interested in fire protection engineering, computational fluid dynamics, or computer science may apply to work with the FDS development team through the NIST SURF program.

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