Modernizes Python code for eventual Python 3 migration. Build on top of 2to3
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  Python           _              _        
     _ __  ___  __| |___ _ _ _ _ (_)______ 
    | '  \/ _ \/ _` / -_) '_| ' \| |_ / -_)
    |_|_|_\___/\__,_\___|_| |_||_|_/__\___|

  This library is a very thin wrapper around lib2to3 to utilize it
  to make Python 2 code more modern with the intention of eventually
  porting it over to Python 3.

  It does not guarantee, but it attempts to spit out a Python 2/3
  compatible codebase.  The code that it generates has a runtime
  dependency on `six`.

  Unicode Literal Control:

    - By default modernize will wrap literals with the six helpers.
      This is useful if you want to support Python 3.1 and Python 3.2
      without bigger changes.
    - Alternatively there is the ``--compat-unicode`` flag which
      does not change unicode literals at all which means that you
      can take advantage of PEP 414.
    - The last alternative is the ``--future-unicode`` flag which
      imports the ``unicode_literals`` from the ``__future__`` module.
      This requires Python 2.6 and later and will require that you
      mark bytestrings with ``b''`` and native strings in ``str(b'')``
      or something similar that survives the transformation.