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Tools for deploying and managing a BOINC compute farm
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Tools for deploying and managing a BOINC compute farm using Ansible and Arch Linux.

Homefarm makes it easier -- and faster -- to install, reinstall, configure, and update all your BOINC crunchboxes. It also makes you a better netizen: all your compute nodes will install and update from a local repository that lives on the control node.

Homefarm makes a few assumptions:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3B/B+, to act as the control node.
    • The Pi's OS is on a 32GB+ SD card
  • One or more x86_64 machines capable of running Arch Linux, to act as the compute nodes.
    • These machines will be used for no other purpose, and it is okay to wipe their drives -- Homefarm does not do custom partitioning.
  • You are aware of your local network configuration, and have IPs to assign to the nodes.
  • All nodes are on a private network -- an SSH key with no passphrase will be generated for Ansible's use, and the control node's default passwords will be left in place.
  • You're familiar with BOINC, projects, workunits, and so on.


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