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Tables broken since Firebug 1.12 #10

rdehouss opened this Issue Aug 26, 2013 · 10 comments


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The tables in FirePHP does not "open" anymore since Firebug 1.12.
It's just a "text/link" but we cannot click on it anymore to view the table. We see only the title of the table.

See attached image.

Could you check this please?

Thx a lot in advance




SiCoUK commented Aug 30, 2013

I have experienced the same issue using Zend DB Profiler and I receive the following error in Firefox Error Console when clicking the item (to expand it):

Error: TypeError: node is null
Source File: chrome://firebug/content/lib/dom.js
Line: 40

jdlx commented Aug 30, 2013

ACK.. same probs here.. reverted to firebug 1.11.4

jdlx commented Sep 3, 2013


i'm getting an odd initial error & erratic behaviour with above version running in FF 23.0.01 (Firebug 1.12.0) @ OSX:

that "filterMatchSet" error is generally the first thing i see.. though that initial "Test Group" throwing the error is not triggered by me.. if i try to invoke firephp test output in that same tab nothing happens.. however if i have firephp ouput in another tab, i won't see it there (only the same error), but in the initial tab's console.. and output otherwise - including tables - seems to be fine:



cadorn commented Sep 3, 2013

@jdlx Can you create a minimal test case?


cadorn commented Sep 3, 2013

@SebastianZ could the error reported above be due to https://github.com/firebug/firebug/blob/73cdc9fdc2db725e6b58f1f16fabc7b65d6d1fe6/extension/content/firebug/console/consolePanel.js#L934 not guarding against this.filterMatchSet not being set?

jdlx commented Sep 3, 2013

@cadorn tested with this barebone code (no CMS framework involved):


$options = array(
  'maxObjectDepth'      => 5,
  'maxArrayDepth'       => 5,
  'maxDepth'            => 10,
  'useNativeJsonEncode' => true,
  'includeLineNumbers'  => true

$firephp = FirePHP::getInstance(true);

FB::group('Test Group');
FB::log('Log message');
FB::info('Info message');
FB::warn('Warn message');
FB::error('Error message');
$table   = array();
$table[] = array('#','Rows','Query');
$table[] = array('Row 1 Col 1','Row 1 Col 2','Query');
$table[] = array('Row 2 Col 1','Row 2 Col 2','Query');
$table[] = array('Row 3 Col 1','Row 3 Col 2','Query');
FB::table('Table (click to expand)',$table);

resulting error persists:


jdlx commented Sep 3, 2013

update: if comment the group calls, and either:

  • close and reopen the console
  • open new tab with same loc

..all remaining firephp calls are shown correctly..

sry btw, i'm realizing my prob actually - except being 1.12.0 related - is NOT on topic here.. if you'd like me to open a separate issue plz let me know..

@cadorn Well, yes, it's not guarded. The question is, why filterLogRow() is called at a point where this.filterMatchSet isn't defined? And how can I reproduce that?



cadorn commented Sep 4, 2013

Moving the filterMatch issue to a new issue #13 I have included a test case that reproduces the problem. @SebastianZ

@cadorn cadorn closed this Sep 4, 2013

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