FirePHP for Firefox Developer Tools (Web Extension)
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FirePHP Logo

FirePHP for Firefox Developer Tools

This project holds the FirePHP Tool in the form of a Mozilla Web Extension which is compatible with the latest Multiprocess Firefox Browser.

FirePHP is a logging system that can display PHP variables in a browser as an application is navigated. All communication is out of band to the application which means the logging data will not interfere with the normal functioning of the application.

On the server you need one of the following PHP libraries:

  • FirePHPCore - Simple
    • Limited data all sent via HTTP headers
    • No enable security
    • One file only
  • FirePHP 1.0 - Advanced (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
    • NOTE: Not all features provided by this library are implemented in the extension at this time.
    • Data sent via HTTP headers and secondary AJAX requests to support logging in volume
    • Many features including enable security


AMO Listed

Install from:


NOTE: These downloads do NOT auto-update!

  1. Download latest: dist/firephp.xpi (release history & known issues)
  2. Drag into Firefox



  • bash 4 - GNU Bash
  • nvm - Node Version Manager

Build from source:

rm -Rf dist/        # Optional to verify build
nvm use 9
npm install
npm run build       # Append '--ignore-dirty' if you removed 'dist/'
git diff            # Optional to verify build
    # Only the `version` property in `dist/` should have changed.

Load Temporary Addon at dist/ into Firefox.


Code   Panel


Original Source Logic under Mozilla Public License 2.0 by Christoph Dorn since 2007.

Mozilla Public License 2.0

You are free to:
    Commercial Use, Modify, Distribute, Sublicense, Place Warranty, Use Patent Claims

Under the following terms:
    Include Copyright, Include License, Disclose Source, Include Original

You cannot:
    Use Trademark, Hold Liable

Well-crafted Contributions are Welcome.

INTENDED USE: The Logic and Code contained within forms a Developer Tool and is intended to operate as part of a Web Software Development Toolchain on which a Production System operates indirectly. It is NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN HIGH-LOAD ENVIRONMENTS as there is little focus on Runtime Optimization in order to maximize API Utility, Compatibility and Flexibility.

If you need more than what is contained within, study the Code, understand the Logic, and build your Own Implementation that is API Compatible. Share it with others who follow the same Logic and API Contract specified within. This Community of Users will likely want to use Your Work in their own Software Development Toolchains.