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// LOW



  • Bugfix: Do not send page context messages if receiver is not announced
  • Change: Send headers at beginning of script to avoid need for output buffering
  • Enhancement: Add more quickstart examples
  • Bugfix: Recognize ../ paths as relative (not just ./)
  • Enhancement: Set color and background color of messages
  • Enhancement: Use of namespaces internally (released in parallel to non-namespaced release (FirePHP < 5.3))

// TOP

  • Enhancement: Proxy data from service calls to client

  • Enhancement: Add new ->ok()-> message priority

  • Enhancement: Add new ->details()-> method to log data to be displayed when log line expanded

  • Change: Disable $firephp->registerErrorHandler(), registerExceptionHandler() and registerAssertionHandler() when using FirePHP 1.0 proper.

  • Enhancement: Get and set application-wide and url specific on() for current user

  • Enhancement: API for switching off error capturing

2011-07-22 - Release Version: 1.0b1rc1

2011-06-02 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1106021548

  • Enhancement: Dynamic class patching
  • Bugfix: Always show ->on('FirePHP: Show all PHP Errors (except:)') and force errors to show if applicable
  • Bugfix: Encoder options in package.json not taking effect
  • Bugfix: Server paths accessibility verification fails if path does not exist
  • Bugfix: Zend_Reflection_Docblock_Tag throws if '@name(..)' tag found
  • Bugfix: FB::error() using deprecated method under the hood
  • Refactor: Use autoloader instead of require() calls
  • Refactor: Cleaner API instance logic

2011-05-30 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1105301313

  • Enhancement: Conditional logging of all PHP errors
  • Bugfix: Better file exclusion for own files
  • Bugfix: Respect error_reporting() when logging errors to client

2011-05-26 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1105261453

  • Bugfix: Better UTF-8 encoding detection

2011-05-26 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1105261436

  • Enhancement: $console->show()
  • Docs: Removed Engine API (now part of insight by default)
  • Docs: Made DeveloperCompanion the preferred client
  • Docs: Documented $console->show()
  • Docs: Updated authorizing insight workflow
  • Docs: Removed FirePHP_Plugin_FirePHP::trapProblems()

2011-05-24 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1105241153

  • Change: Escaping in protocol for pipes
  • Change: More robust and hierarchical on()
  • Bugfix: open/close for on()
  • Reverse: (Bugfix) Ensure JSON keys are never NULL (due to NULL key in some arrays) for FirePHPCore

2011-05-16 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1105161440

  • Enhancement: Better deprecation notices
  • Bugfix: Better filtering of get_included_files() to remove FirePHP related
  • Bugfix: Assertion error logs two messages
  • Bugfix: Ensure JSON keys are never NULL (due to NULL key in some arrays) for FirePHPCore

2011-05-13 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1105131750

  • Bugfix: Default to 'log' priority without setting meta
  • Change: Deprecated FirePHP_Plugin_FirePHP::trapProblems()
  • Change: Deprecated FirePHP_Plugin_Engine::*
  • Enhancement: Send included files for every request

2011-05-10 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1105101636

  • Change: Updated TestRunner descriptor [10m]

2011-05-10 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1105101539

  • Bugfix: Exception if FIREPHP_ACTIVATED is set and ->on() is used [15m]
  • Change: Do not send server URL all the time [5m]
  • Enhancement: Send package info only if changed [20m]

2011-04-30 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1104301030

  • Bugfix: INSIGHT_CONFIG_PATH detection and validation regression (was failing for minimal install) [10m]

2011-03-11 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1103111119

  • Enhancement: Better error messages when INSIGHT_DEBUG enabled [20m]
  • Bugfix: Depth trimming [1h30m]

2011-03-04 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1103041120

  • Enhancement: Example APF-based ( plugin (working but clunky - not usable) [6h]
  • Enhancement: Example ExtJS-based plugin [30m]
  • Bugfix: INSIGHT_CONFIG_PATH delimiter conflicting with windows drive separator ':'
  • Bugfix: More reliable string encoding detection (Issue 166)

2011-01-05 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1101051613

  • Bugfix: Set second arg FALSE for class_exists() to bypass autoloaders [12m]
  • Bugfix: Insight-specific global variable cleanup during initialization [3m]
  • Enhancement: Specify credentials.json path via INSIGHT_CONFIG_PATH by suffixing with ':' [12m]

2010-12-16 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1012161631

  • Bugfix: Use $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] over $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] if set [5m]

2010-12-14 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1012142034

  • Enhancement: API to add quicklinks [27m]
  • Enhancement: Pass custom trace to trace($title, $trace=null) [5m]
  • Enhancement: Lazy loading of plugin files

2010-12-09 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1012091510

  • Enhancement: Validate characters for plugin aliases [6m]
  • Enhancement: Validate characters for group names [3m]
  • Refactor: Wildfire string payload parsing [5m]
  • Enhancement: getInstance() for FirePHP::to("plugin") [37m]
  • Change: Remove 'container' when registering plugins [48m]
  • Enhancement: Throw error when registering a plugin more than once during a request [15m]
  • Enhancement: Added ->notrim()-> and string.trim.length & string.trim.newlines options
  • Enhancement: Added ->expand()-> for all messages
  • Enhancement: New encoder.maxStringLength option [30m]
  • Bugfix: Set FirePHP version dynamically for payload relay test (so upgrade message does not show) [2m]
  • Enhancement: CLI cupport

2010-12-03 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1012031707

  • Enhancement: Ignore comments after // in authkeys in credentials.json [10m]
  • Enhancement: Listener registration for payload [1h30m]
  • Enhancement: Relaying of payloads [1h40m]
  • Bugfix: Set FIREPHP_ACTIVATED constant to FALSE if not enabled [5m]

2010-12-02 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1012021019

  • Bugfix: Missing $ for variable causing E_NOTICE [2m]
  • Bugfix: Notice: Undefined index: Wildfire/Channel.php on line 224 [2m]
  • Bugfix: Fatal error when using FirePHP::plugin() with no client on PHP < 5.3 [2m]
  • Enhancement: Insight-based page-top plugins

2010-11-12 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1011120949

  • Enhancement: Support $console->group('', '<title>')->log('within group') [15m]
  • Bugfix: Fix $console->label('')->group('', '<title>') and other fixes [8m]
  • Enhancement: Config option to set path of credentials.json file [30m]
  • Bugfix: Inclusive merging of credentials.json files [20m]
  • Enhancement: Added FirePHP::plugin("firephp")->logVersion() [4m]
  • Enhancement: Added FB::setLogToInsightConsole() [10m]
  • Enhancement: FirePHP::plugin("firephp")->declareP() & p() [17m]
  • Bugfix: Only send one triggerInspect message if multiple triggered [2m]

2010-11-09 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1011090942

  • Enhancement: $console->options(array('file' => , 'line' => ))->... [20m]
  • Enhancement: $console->option('encoder.trace.offsetAdjustment', )->... [15m]
  • Enhancement: $console->option('') and $console->options() to get current options [10m]
  • Bugfix: Remove 'new server library' message in console when using FirePHP/fb.php [24m]
  • Enhancement: Use insight encoder and direct messages to page context if detected [20m]
  • Enhancement: Throw exception when old FirePHP class is loaded from include path [5m]
  • Bugfix: Mixed named and context based groups [20m]
  • Bugfix: Write errors to error log (when trapping via engine plugin) if applicable [40m]
  • Enhancement: Write exceptions to error log (when trapping via engine plugin) if applicable [6m]

2010-10-25 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1010251614

  • Docs: Log to page or request context based on drop-down
  • Enhancement: Default request console to 'Console' tab if not specified [5m]
  • Bugfix: Wildfire protocol parsing if protocol header is last
  • Testing: PHP 5.1, 5.2 & 5.3 on [2h10m]
  • Bugfix: File sorting in TestRunner [9m]
  • Enhancement: Update quickstart examples to log to Firebug Console [17m]
  • Bugfix: Use Zend_Json when json_* not available [30m]

2010-10-20 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1010201329

  • Bugfix: Split depthNoLimit into depthNoLimit and lengthNoLimit [10m]
  • Enhancement: Set options via insight API (->options()-> & ->options()->) and tests [42m]
  • Enhancement: Added encoder.trace.maxLength option [23m]
  • Enhancement: Exposed encoder.exception.traceMaxLength option [12m]
  • Enhancement: Support -1 for encoder.max*Length options [9m]
  • Enhancement: Support -1 for encoder.max*Depth options [3m]
  • Bugfix: Fatal error if there is an initialization error [5m]

2010-10-16 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1010160926

  • Enhancement: Discard duplicate errors and trim backtraces for certain errors in FirePHP Engine plugin
  • Enhancement: Upgrade message when using FirePHP Extension
  • Bugfix: Do not initialize insight when using FirePHPCore/fb.php [10m]
  • Enhancement: Provide procedural API via FirePHP/fb.php [5m]
  • Docs: New upgrade page at [8h, +misc changes]
  • Bugfix: FirePHP constants when deactivated
  • Enhancement: Added Zend Framework example (shows if ZF is found)
  • Bugfix: Use mb_detect_encoding() if available to check encoding of string objects
  • Enhancement: Added Error Reporting levels to FirePHP_Plugin_FirePHP::recordEnvironment [37m]
  • Bugfix: Use 'instanceof' instead of is_a() [4m]
  • Bugfix: Use mb_detect_encoding() if available for is_utf8() [3m]
  • Enhancement: Backwards compatibility for dump()
  • Enhancement: Added support for $console->group('', '<Title>')->open();

2010-10-01 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1010012104

  • Enhancement: More detailed json parsing error messages [20m]
  • Enhancement: Direct user to validate json files at if parsing fails [8m]

2010-09-29 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1009291749

  • Enhancement: Implement FIREPHP_ACTIVATED constant to force-deactivate FirePHP or indicate if activated based on Init.php [10m]
  • Enhancement: FirePHPCore compatibility test pages
  • Enhancement: Log to firebug console for ::to('page') target
  • Bugfix: Some of these tests don't work properly: [1h]

2010-08-29 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1008291629

  • Bugfix: Throw error (instead of silently failing) if no IP set
  • Bugfix: Throw error if "*" is used and not the only authekey or IP
  • Enhancement: Re-use FirePHP object when calling class when not enabled
  • Bugfix: Replaced $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] with $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
  • Bugfix: Always enable output buffering with ob_start() to disable flush() calls in code
  • Bugfix: Handle ports properly for installation ID
  • Enhancement: Added nolimit() to console API and support in default encoder
  • Enhancement: More comprehensive recordEnvironment() for FirePHP plugin
  • Bugfix: Suppress error logging for FirePHP engine plugin if @ used
  • Bugfix: Avoid globals pollution during initialization

2010-08-20 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1008201514

  • Enhancement: Added recordEnvironment() to FirePHP engine
  • Bugfix: Added INSIGHT_PATHS constant for minimal install method
  • Enhancement: Added is() to console API
  • Enhancement: Added FeedCache example

2010-08-19 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1008191622

  • Enhancement: Minimal install method
  • Enhancement: Added FirePHP engine
  • Enhancement: Added trapProblems() to FirePHP engine

2010-08-03 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1008031622

  • Enhancement: Show payload in tests
  • Bugfix: Header case when matching
  • Optimization: Minimal bootstrap with additional loading of files only if needed
  • Bugfix: Use client key when persisting conditional logging state for request

2010-07-28 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1007282031

  • Enhancement: Implemented selective logging API via $console->on()
  • Change: Some internal refactoring and various changes
  • Bugfix: Don't die if json_last_error() is missing (applicable in some environments)
  • Bugfix: If getallheaders() is missing (applicable in some environments) get request headers from $_SERVER
  • Bugfix: Don't use DIR as it is missing in some environments

2010-07-27 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1007271007

  • Bugfix: Cache path creation

2010-07-26 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1007261803

  • Bugfix: PINF-based cache path verification

2010-07-26 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1007261732

  • Change: PHP version check: 5.1+
  • Enhancement: More advanced automatic cache path detection
  • Enhancement: Added cache.path config option
  • Enhancement: Improved error handling
  • Bugfix: Multiple protocol headers
  • Enhancement: Redirect traditional API calls to insight via setLogToInsightConsole()

2010-07-23 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1007231623

  • Enhancement: Initial implementation for $console->on()
  • Bugfix: Compensate for magic_quotes_gpc when applicable

2010-07-22 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1007221829

  • Bugfix: Enable output buffering if ob_get_level()<=1
  • Added redirect test for traditional and insight API

2010-07-17 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1007171039

  • Bugfix: Append libs to include path when calling FirePHP/Init.php

2010-07-16 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1007161350

  • Enhancement: Support $console->group()->open() (i.e. without specifying group name.)
  • Enhancement: Added INSIGHT_DEBUG constant and debug messages
  • Enhancement: Autoflush after initial batch flush
  • Enhancement: Added maxArrayLength to insight encoder
  • Enhancement: Added maxObjectLength to insight encoder
  • Enhancement: Added support for insight encoder options in package.json
  • Enhancement: Send server library version to client

2010-06-21 - Release Version: 0.0.0master1006211545

  • Public BETA Preview