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FirePick with delta configuration, 300mm x 300mm base, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino controller ...


Delta Geometry Simulation

Bill of Materials



  • Tool head: SMT vacuum nozzle (pick and place head)
  • Tool head: 3D printer hotend
  • 8mm feeder, full-manual 6-lane
  • 8mm feeder (auto tape winder 4-lane)
  • 12mm feeder (auto-tape winder 3-lane)
  • Combo 16mm/24mm feeder (auto tape winder 2-lane)
  • 32mm feeder (auto-tape winder 1-lane)
  • 44mm feeder (auto-tape winder 1-lane)
  • Feeder auto tape winder
  • Tube feeder (vibe)
  • Tray feeder
  • 3D printing hotbed