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DIY webware for building semi-autonomous vision-capable factory robots
  • firenodejs™ is a stand-alone web application for measuring and calibrating vision-capable factory robots
  • firenodejs™ is a REST facade for applications such as OpenPnP (planned)

firenodejs™ is based on nodejs, and you can easily extend it to implement a custom web application for your own robot. You can also use firenodejs™ REST services to extend your desktop applications to control remote factory robots.

firenodejs™ supports rotary delta robots in general. In particular, it is fully integrated with FirePick Delta.


As a REST facade, `firenodejs`™ integrates the following individual REST services:
REST service for service meta-data and integration facade.
REST service for image acquisition. Supports raspistill as well as USB cameras
REST service for motion control. High-level FireStep™ driver generates application-specific complex PH5 paths for FireStep™ motion controllers. Supports FirePick Delta and FireSlide™ robots
REST service for image storage stores images indexed by camera and location.
REST service for FireSight™ image processing.
REST service for measuring precision and accuracy.


To use `firenodejs`™, you will need a factory robot (not included) connected by USB serial cables to a networked Linux computer. Click one of the following links to install `firenodejs`™: