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+ Average Clock Mod 1
+ Six separate DS1307s using three MAX7219's shown on red displays. 
+ Each clock is individually adjustable by Minutes and Hours. 
+ A fourth MAX7219 drives a seventh, larger green display that shows the 
+ average time of all six clocks.
+ Average time can be hidden; it implements a button 
+ which, when pressed, displays this value. User configuration for this
+ function is via a configuration switch. When the switch is LOW, average time displays
+ normally. When HIGH, average time is displayed only when the button attached
+ to digital pin 4 is depressed. An automatic adjustment for LED intensity 
+ based on ambient lighting is included.
+ This version eliminates all the Hour and Minute adjustment buttons except
+ for two, which control all of the clocks. Setup is performed in three steps:
+ 1. The Master Reset button is pressed, zeroing all six clocks.
+ 2. The Hour and Minute adjust buttons add hours and minutes to all clocks
+	simultaneously.
+ 3. The Randomize button will add or remove up to 5 minutes randomly from
+	each clock.
+ by Michael B. LeBlanc
+ NSCAD University