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// See LICENSE for license details.
#include "simif.h"
#include <gmp.h>
// This derivation of simif_t is used to implement small integration
// tests where the test writer wants fine grained control over individual
// token channels. In these tests, the peek poke bridge drives all IO of the
// DUT, and there are generally* no other bridges. The driver can then be
// written using a ChiselTesters-like interface consisting of peek, poke and
// expect (defined in this class).
// * If other bridges are used their construction, initialization, and tick() invocations
// must be managed manually. Care must be taken to avoid deadlock, since calls to step.
// must be blocking for peeks and pokes to capture and drive values at the correct cycles.
// Note: This presents the same set of methods legacy simif_t used prior to FireSim 1.13.
class simif_peek_poke_t: public virtual simif_t
virtual ~simif_peek_poke_t() { }
void step(uint32_t n, bool blocking = true);
// Returns an upper bound for the cycle reached by the target
// If using blocking steps, this will be ~equivalent to actual_tcycle()
uint64_t cycles(){ return t; };
void poke(size_t id, uint32_t value, bool blocking = true);
void poke(size_t id, mpz_t& value);
void target_reset(int pulse_length = 5);
uint32_t peek(size_t id, bool blocking = true);
void peek(size_t id, mpz_t& value);
uint32_t sample_value(size_t id);
bool expect(size_t id, uint32_t expected);
bool expect(size_t id, mpz_t& expected);
bool expect(bool pass, const char *s);
int teardown();
// simulation information
bool log = true;
bool pass = true;
uint64_t t = 0;
uint64_t fail_t = 0;
PEEKPOKEBRIDGEMODULE_struct * defaultiowidget_mmio_addrs;
bool wait_on(size_t flag_addr, double timeout) {
midas_time_t start = timestamp();
while (!read(flag_addr))
if (diff_secs(timestamp(), start) > timeout)
return false;
return true;
bool wait_on_ready(double timeout) {
return wait_on(this->defaultiowidget_mmio_addrs->READY, timeout);
bool wait_on_stable_peeks(double timeout) {
return wait_on(this->defaultiowidget_mmio_addrs->PRECISE_PEEKABLE, timeout);
std::string blocking_fail = "The test environment has starved the simulator, preventing forward progress.";
#endif // __SIMIF_PEEK_POKE_H