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Big Pre-Chisel Community Conference Release. Rocket Chip bump, New Debugging Features, and much more

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@sagark sagark released this 13 Nov 23:19

This is a large release. A much more detailed account of everything included is included in the PR: #114


  • Rocket Chip bumped to master as of September 26, 2018
  • Reworked main loop in FPGA driver #98
  • Start re-organizing firesim-software repo:
    • Commands for building base images have changed, see updated docs
    • Now supports building Fedora images, including initramfs images
    • Infrastructure prep for better workload generation/management system
    • Supports easily booting images in Spike/QEMU, with network support in QEMU for installing packages
  • Better support for custom network topologies / topology mapping. Topologies can now provide their own custom mapping function. Support for topologies with multiple paths. Randomized switching across multiple paths.
    • Inline documentation as comments in
  • IceNIC Improvements:
    • NIC counts MMIO registered changed to make each count 8 bits instead of 4. This expands the maximum size of the req/resp queues from 16 to 256.
    • TX/RX completion interrupts separated into two different interrupts.
    • Added interrupt masking
  • Misc Small Fixes
    • Better instance launch handling for spot instances
    • Fix ssh-agent handling; avoid forwarding because it breaks the workflow
    • Use async flags to speed up FPGA flashing / clearing
    • Fix L2 TLB & HPM counter configs for multi-core targets


  • Block Device Model is now deterministic #106
  • Endpoint clock-domain-crossing support #49
  • Add synthesizeable unit tests from MIDAS
  • Switch model token compression on empty batches of tokens to save BW when many links cross EC2 network. Does not compromise cycle-accuracy.
  • Debugging: Assertion Synthesis
  • Debugging: TracerV Widget
    • Widget for getting committed instruction trace from Rocket/BOOM to the host machine quickly using PCIS DMA
    • See documentation at:
    • Also early support for multiple DMA endpoints (e.g. Tracer + NIC). Currently requires hardcoding endpoint addresses, will be addressed in next release.
  • Infrastructure for merging supernode to master
    • Supernode currently lives on its own branch, will be merged in the future.
    • WIP on support for multiple copies of endpoints (e.g. multiple UARTs).
    • Replace macro system for endpoints with generated structs.