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FireSim 1.9.0 Release: ASPLOS 2020 FirePerf Support

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@sagark sagark released this 15 Mar 01:05

[1.9.0] - 2020-03-14

A more detailed account of everything included is included in the dev to master PR for this release: #486



  • Significant overhaul / expansion of Debugging and Profiling on FPGA docs (PR #496)
  • Unification of FireSimDUT with chipyard.Top, all default firesim configs are now extensions of default Chipyard configs (PR #491)
    • Unification of Configs/Tops between Chipyard and FireSim. Arbitrary Chipyard designs can be imported into FireSim
    • Users can define a FireSim version of a Chipyard config by building a TARGET_CONFIG that specifies WithFireSimDefaultBridges, WithFireSimDefaultMemModel, and WithFireSimConfigTweaks
    • FireSimHarness moved to FireChip. Harness now uses Chipyard's BuildTop key to control which Top to build
    • AGFI naming scheme changed. firesim -> firesim-rocket, fireboom -> firesim-boom
  • BridgeBinders system is now generalized as IOBinders for attaching Bridges to the target (PR #491)
  • Parallelized verilator Midas-level (ML) simulation compilation (PR #475)
  • Default fesvr-step size in ML simulation (PR #474)
    • Passing no plusArg will have the same behavior as on the FPGA
  • Disable zero-out-dram by default; expose in config_runtime.ini (PR #506)
  • Update docs to note previously added suffixtag feature (PR #510)


  • Fixed synthesizing printfs at the top-level (PR #485)
  • Fixed FPGA-level simulation to properly generate GG-side PLL (PR #487)
  • Fixed a non-determinism bug due to unreset target-state (PR #499)
  • Fixed bug in ML-simulation of verilog black boxes in verilator (PR #499)
  • Fixed bug in manager that prevented use of f1.4xlarges with no_net_configs (PR #502)
  • Allow simulations without block devices (#519)


  • FireSimNoNIC design option removed, all examples now use FireSim design option
    • Designs can specify inclusion/exclusion of NIC by setting icenet.NICKey, i.e. in TARGET_CONFIG rather than using a different design


  • Many excess configs in the sample_config inis were removed