@firestormxyz firestormxyz released this Jan 1, 2018 · 19 commits to master since this release

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1. Merged the 4 files "color-schemes.css", "layouts.css", "layouts-s.css" and "layouts-xl.css" into "colpickRmx.css".

Now is more simple uploading and using the plugin (there are only 2 files to upload rather than 6!)

2. Now is possible to display the color picker at the center of viewport.

You can set "position" property value to "center" (only for flat="false").

3. Now is possible to override the automatic positioning.

You can set "top" and "left" of the attribute "overridePos", that is received on the "onBeforeShow" function's object.

4. Added 2 new jQuery functions:

  1. encodeToCSS: Converts an rgba, hsba, hsla object into a string like "rgba(.....)" or "hsla(.....)".
  2. decodeFromCSS: Does the opposite of the previous function.

5. Added compatibility with hsl/hsla color spaces (hsla: hsl + alpha channel).

  1. The object received by onChange and onSubmit, now, will contain also the hsl and hsla attributes of the chosen color.
  2. Now, is possible to send an hsl/hsla color to "setColpickColor", and is possible to set an hsl/hsla color at "color" property (in both cases it will be converted into hsba).
  3. Now, is possible to obtain an hsl/hsla object from "getColpickColor" function, by send "hsl" or "hsla" as type.
  4. Added 6 new jQuery functions to convert from/to hsla: "hexToHsla", "rgbaToHsla", "hsbaToHsla", "hslaToHex", "hslaToRgba", "hslaToHsba".

6. Improvements:

  1. Improved performance: readapted/rewrited various functions, and removed various useless color space conversions.
  2. Changed behaviour of livePreview: now, the "mousemove" event will move the indicators (but will not update colors).
  3. Slightly reorganized the HTML structure of the plugin.
  4. Removed double "--" from the names of color schemes, and replaced with a single "-": With this change, "light--full" becomes "light-full", and "dark--full" becomes "dark-full".
  5. For greyscale colors (with the same r,g,b values), now, the hue will be setted at 0, rather than 300.

7. Bugfix:

  1. The colors entered by input, now, will be always checked, to avoid wrong values.