Learning Blender

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A prior knowledge of Blender 3D modelling software application is essential for using BlenderFDS, i.e. you need to be familiar with the software and its interface and be able to build a simple architectural model in Blender. Additionally, you need to be able to import a simple architectural model created in other CAD tool into Blender.

:information_source: BlenderFDS is an add-on tool that can facilitate the creation of an FDS input file from within the Blender 3D modelling software application. You need to first learn FDS and be familiar with Blender before start using BlenderFDS.

Blender has an interesting windowing interface that looks a bit like a space-ship control panel, which may be unfamiliar to some people. The learning curve of Blender can be steep, which may discourage most new users at first. But, this is often the case with 3d modelling software.

The main source for Blender documentation is Blender support page. There you can find tutorials, manuals, videos, and help from Blender Community.

Blender can do 3D modelling, animation, visual effects, and gaming. You do not need to learn how to do all that. 3D Modelling is enough for our purpose.

Other learning resources

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