Learning FDS

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A prior knowledge of FDS (and CFD fire simulation in general) is essential for using BlenderFDS, i.e. you should be familiar with the structure and content of an FDS input file and be able to execute a simple FDS fire simulation before using BlenderFDS.

:information_source: BlenderFDS is an add-on tool that can facilitate the creation of an FDS input file from within the Blender 3D modelling software application. You need to first learn FDS and be familiar with Blender before start using BlenderFDS.

To learn FDS and the complex art of conducting a fire simulation to solve practical fire safety problems, please take advantage of our free and open Wikibook Fire Simulation for Engineers, which is meant to complement the official FDS documentation. Note that the Wikibook is a work-in-progress.

If you need further help on FDS or Smokeview, refer to the official FDS-SMV Discussion Group.

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