AssetStudio is a tool for exploring, extracting and exporting assets and assetbundles.
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None of the repo, the tool, nor the repo owner is affiliated with, or sponsored or authorized by, Unity Technologies or its affiliates.

AssetStudio is a tool for exploring, extracting and exporting assets and assetbundles. It has been tested with builds from most platforms, ranging from Web, PC, Linux, MacOS to Xbox360, PS3, Android and iOS, and it is currently maintained to be compatible with assets from 2.5 up to the 2018.2 version.


  • Support asset types:
    • Texture2D : support convert to bmp, png or jpeg. export to containers: DDS, PVR and KTX
    • Sprite : bmp, png or jpeg
    • AudioClip : mp3, ogg, wav, m4a, fsb. support convert FSB file to WAV(PCM)
    • Font : ttf, otf
    • Mesh : obj
    • TextAsset : txt
    • Shader
    • MovieTexture : ogv
    • VideoClip
    • MonoBehaviour
    • Animator : Export to FBX file with bound AnimationClip
  • Export model to FBX format, with complete hierarchy, transformations, materials and textures. Geometry is exported with normals, tangents, UV coordinates, vertex colors and deformers. Skeleton nodes can be exported either as bones or dummy deformers.
  • Real-time preview window for the above-mentioned assets
  • Diagnostics mode with useful tools for research



How to use

  • Use File-Load file, File-Load folder to load assets or assetbundles from multiple files or folder
  • Use File-Extract file, File-Extract folder to export assetbundles to assets from multiple files or folder
  • Export assets: use Export menu
  • Export model:
    • Export model from "Scene Hierarchy" using the Model menu
    • Export Animator from "Asset List" using the Export menu
    • With AnimationClip:
      • Select model from "Scene Hierarchy" then select the AnimationClip from "Asset List", using Model-Export selected objects with AnimationClip to export
      • Export Animator will export bound AnimationClip or use Ctrl to select Animator and AnimationClip from "Asset List", using Export-Export Animator with selected AnimationClip to export


  • The project uses some C# 7 syntax, need Visual Studio 2017
  • AssetStudioFBX uses FBX SDK 2019.0 VS2015, before building, you need to install the FBX SDK and modify the project file, change include directory and library directory to point to the FBX SDK directory
  • If you want to change the FBX SDK version, you need to replace libfbxsdk.dll which in AssetStudio/Library/x86/ and AssetStudio/Library/x64 directory to the new version