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fireundubh's xEdit Scripts

This is a repository of fireundubh's "released" scripts for xEdit.

Required Libraries

  • dubhFunctions.pas: A collection of functions and procedures that make my life easier
  • mteFunctions.pas: matortheeternal's collection of functions and procedures (download)

Fallout 4

  • Add Legendary Object Mod Rules.pas: Add object mod rules to LegendaryItemQuest [QUST:001CCDA5] from delimited list
  • Generate Loose Mods for Selected OMOD Records.pas: Generates and assigns MISC loose mods for selected OMOD records
  • Generate Scrap Recipes for Selected Object Records.pas: Generates COBJ and FLST records to make any object scrappable
  • Restore Material Swap Fields.pas: Repairs missing material swap fields
  • Unlevel Perks.pas: Generates "unleveled perks" plugin customized to your load order

All Games

  • Copy VMAD Subrecord by Form ID to Record.pas: Copies VMAD subrecords to records, primarily to avoid using the Creation Kit
  • Generate Tags for Wrye Bash.pas: Analyzes plugins and generates bash tags for those plugins
  • Keymaster.pas: Global find and replace for keywords
  • Relevel Leveled Lists.pas: A somewhat more advanced version of my older Unlevel Leveled Lists.pas script floating around