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Software Image

Firewalla Blue

Firewalla Red

Raspberry Pi (Not recommended, this image is out-of-date)

If you have Raspberry Pi 3 and want a preview.  The preview image is a over 6 months old.  
Prepare a blank microsd card > 8GB size
Follow the same step as installing a raspberry pi image

We are focusing on delivering the official hardware, hence Raspberry Pi support is a bit lacking, we are hoping to pick it up soon. We will be very likely selling a development version of Firewalla very soon. It will be at cost with a small mark up to take care the labor involved.

Build By Yourself

To Build On Raspberry Pi

  • Download Jessie Lite
follow direction to flash this to a card
  • Boot Pi and update
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get -y install git

  • Configure Pi
- sudo raspi-config
- Change Password
- Host Name
- Advance Options -> Memory Split (Change to 16)
- Expand File System
- Reboot
  • Install On Device
git clone --branch release_pi_1_0 --single-branch
cd firewalla
sudo apt-get clean

** for development please create your own branch. (release_pi_1_0 is for official releases)

Build On Docker (Beta, for development purpose only)

cd docker
docker build -f Dockerfile2 -t firewalla .
docker run --privileged -p 8833:8833 -p 8834:8834 -ti firewalla
# to get an interactive shell
docker run --privileged -p 8833:8833 -p 8834:8834 -ti firewalla su - pi


iOS App

Android App

Firewalla Box Install Guide

If anything bad happens, unplug it. :) The raspberry pi version uses bluetooth to link the app with the board. Final hardware will require a scan of a barcode.


  • origin/master: latest / greatest
  • release_pi_1: current released code for pi, will be pulled automatically by all deployed boards.
  • dev_<>: development branchs.
  • Please do a pull request for features

Router Compatibility