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A curated list of applied machine learning and data science notebooks and libraries across different industries (by @firmai)

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Machine Learning and Data Science Applications in Industry

Finance Quant Machine Learning


Have a look at the newly started FirmAI Medium publication where we have experts of AI in business, write about their topics of interest.

Please add your tools and notebooks to this Google Sheet. Or simply add it to this subreddit, r/datascienceproject

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A curated list of applied machine learning and data science notebooks and libraries accross different industries. The code in this repository is in Python (primarily using jupyter notebooks) unless otherwise stated. The catalogue is inspired by awesome-machine-learning. r/datascienceproject is a subreddit where you can share all your data science projects.

Caution: This is a work in progress, please contribute, especially if you are a subject expert in any of the industries listed below. If you are a [analytical, computational, statistical, quantitive] researcher/analyst in field X or a field X [machine learning engineer, data scientist, modeler, programmer] then your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

If you want to contribute to this list (please do), send me a pull request or contact me @dereknow or on linkedin or get in contact on the website FirmAI. Also, a listed repository should be deprecated if:

  • Repository's owner explicitly say that "this library is not maintained".
  • Not committed for long time (2~3 years).

Help Needed: If there is any contributors out there willing to help first populate and then maintain a Python analytics section in any one of the following sub/industries, please get in contact with me. Also contact me to add additional industries.

Accommodation & Food Agriculture Banking & Insurance
Biotechnological & Life Sciences Construction & Engineering Education & Research
Emergency & Relief Finance Manufacturing
Government and Public Works Healthcare Media & Publishing
Justice, Law and Regulations Miscellaneous Accounting
Real Estate, Rental & Leasing Utilities Wholesale & Retail

Table of Contents

Industry Applications

ML/DS Career Section for Industry Machine Learning

See data-science-career repo for more.


  1. Triplebyte - Take a quiz. Get offers from multiple top tech companies at once (now have a machine learning track).
  2. Toptal - Developers seeking to gain entry into the Toptal community are put through a battery of personality and technical tests.
  3. Hired - Hired matches employers with qualified candidates through a combination of in-house algorithms and online support.
  4. Kaggle - Scalable Path is a premium talent matching service.


Accommodation & Food





Machine Learning


  • Forensic Accounting - Collection of case studies on forensic accounting using data analysis. On the lookout for more data to practise forensic accounting, please get in touch
  • General Ledger (FirmAI) - Data processing over a general ledger as exported through an accounting system.
  • Bullet Graph (FirmAI) - Bullet graph visualisation helpful for tracking sales, commission and other performance.
  • Aged Debtors (FirmAI) - Example analysis to invetigate aged debtors.
  • Automated FS XBRL - XML Language, however, possibly port analysis into Python.

Textual Analysis

Data, Parsing and APIs

Research And Articles

  • Understanding Accounting Analytics - An article that tackles the importance of accounting analytics.
  • VLFeat - VLFeat is an open and portable library of computer vision algorithms, which has Matlab toolbox.


  • Rutgers Raw - Good digital accounting research from Rutgers.




  • Prices - Agricultural price prediction.
  • Prices 2 - Agricultural price prediction.
  • Yield - Agricultural analysis looking at crop yields in Ukraine.
  • Recovery - Strategic land use for agriculture and ecosystem recovery
  • MPR - Mandatory Price Reporting data from the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service.


Banking & Insurance

Consumer Finance

Management and Operation


  • Zillow Prediction - Zillow valuation prediction as performed on Kaggle.
  • Real Estate - Predicting real estate prices from the urban environment.
  • Used Car - Used vehicle price prediction.


Insurance and Risk


Biotechnological & Life Sciences


  • Programming - Python Programming for Biologists
  • Introduction DL - A Primer on Deep Learning in Genomics
  • Pose - Estimating animal poses using DL.
  • Privacy - Privacy preserving NNs for clinical data sharing.
  • Population Genetics - DL for population genetic inference.
  • Bioinformatics Course - Course materials for Computational Biologyand Bioinformatics
  • Applied Stats - Applied Statistics for High-Throughput Biology
  • Scripts - Python scripts for biologists.
  • Molecular NN - A mini-framework to build and train neural networks for molecular biology.
  • Systems Biology Simulations - Systems biology practical on writing simulators with F# and Z3
  • Cell Movement - LSTM to predict biological cell movement.
  • Deepchem - Democratizing Deep-Learning for Drug Discovery, Quantum Chemistry, Materials Science and Biology


Chemoinformatics and drug discovery

  • Novel Molecules - A convolutional net that can learn features.
  • Automating Chemical Design - Generate new molecules for efficient exploration.
  • GAN drug Discovery - A method that combines generative models with reinforcement learning.
  • RL - generating compounds predicted to be active against a biological target.
  • One-shot learning - Python library that aims to make the use of machine-learning in drug discovery straightforward and convenient.



  • Plants Disease - App that detects diseases in plants using a deep learning model.
  • Leaf Identification - Identification of plants through plant leaves on the basis of their shape, color and texture.
  • Crop Analysis - An imaging library to detect and track future position of ears on maize plants
  • Seedlings - Plant Seedlings Classification from kaggle competition
  • Plant Stress - An ontology containing plant stresses; biotic and abiotic.
  • Animal Hierarchy - Package for calculating animal dominance hierarchies.
  • Animal Identification - Deep learning for animal identification.
  • Species - Big Data analysis of different species of animals
  • Animal Vocalisations - A generative network for animal vocalizations
  • Evolutionary - Evolution Strategies Tool
  • Glaciers - Educational material about glaciers.

Construction & Engineering



Material Science



Machine Learning

  • EconML - Automated Learning and Intelligence for Causation and Economics.
  • Auctions - Optimal auctions using deep learning.


Education & Research



Emergency & Police

Preventative and Reactive



  • Ambulance Analysis - An investigation of Local Government Area ambulance time variation in Victoria.
  • Site Location - Ambulance site locations.
  • Dispatching - Applying game theory and discrete event simulation to find optimal solution for ambulance dispatching
  • Ambulance Allocation - Time series analysis of ambulance dispatches in the City of San Diego.
  • Response Time - An analysis on the improvements of ambulance response time.
  • Optimal Routing - Project to find optimal routing of ambulances in Ithaca.
  • Crash Analysis - Predicting the probability of accidents on a given segment on a given time.

Disaster Management


Trading and Investment


  • Datastream - Datastrem from Thomson Reuters accessible through Python.
  • AlphaVantage - API wrapper to simplify the process of acquiring free financial data.
  • FSA- A project to transfer SEC Edgar Filings’ financial data to custom financial statement analysis models.
  • TradeConnector - A layer to connect with market data providers.
  • Employee Count SEC Filings - Extraction to get the exact employee count values for companies from SEC filings.
  • SEC Parsing - NLP to find and extract specific information from long, unstructured documents
  • Open Edgar - OpenEDGAR (
  • Rating Industries - Histories from multiple agencies converted to CSV format

Personal Papers



Justics, Law & Regulations


Policy and Regulatory

Judicial Applied






Media & Publishing





  • Flickr - Metadata mining tool for tourism research.
  • Fashion - A clothing retrieval and visual recommendation model for fashion images



Machine Learning

Government and Public Works

Social Policies


Election Analysis


  • Congressional politics - House and senate congressional partisanship.
  • Politico - A platform for profiling public figures in Brazilian politics.
  • Bots - Tools and algorithms to analyze Paraguayan Tweets in times of election
  • Gerrymander tests - Lots of metrics for quantifying gerrymandering.
  • Sentiment - Analyse newspapers with respect to their political conviction using entity sentiments of party representatives.
  • DL Politics - Prediction of Spanish Political Affinity with Deep Neural Nets: Socialist vs People's Party
  • PAC Money - Effects of PAC money on US politics.
  • Power Networks - Constructing a watchdog for Indian corporate and political networks
  • Elite - Political elite in the US.
  • Debate Analysis - Program to analyze political debates.
  • Political Affiliation - Political affiliation prediction using twitter metadata.
  • Political Ads - Investigation into Facebook Political Ads and Targeting
  • Political Identity - Multi-axial political model.
  • YT Politics - Mapping Politics on YouTube
  • Political Ideology - Unsupervised learning of political ideology by word vector projections

Real Estate, Rental & Leasing

Real Estate

  • Finding Donuts - Finding real estate opportunities by predicting transforming neighbourhoods.
  • Neighbourhood - Predicting real estate prices from the urban environment.
  • Real Estate Classification - Classifying the type of property given Real Estate, satellite and Street view Images
  • Recommender - This tools aims to recommend a user the top 5 real estate properties that matches their search.
  • House Price - Predicting house prices using Linear Regression and GBR
  • House Price Portland - Predict housing prices in Portland.
  • Zillow Prediction - Zillow valuation prediction as performed on Kaggle.
  • Real Estate - Predicting real estate prices from the urban environment.

Rental & Leasing



Coal, Oil & Gas

Water & Pollution

  • Safe Water - Predict health-based drinking water violations in the United States.
  • Hydrology Data - A suite of convenience functions for exploring water data in Python.
  • Water Observatory - Monitoring water levels of lakes and reservoirs using satellite imagery.
  • Water Pipelines - Using machine learning to find water pipelines in aerial images.
  • Water Modelling - Australian Water Resource Assessment (AWRA) Community Modelling System.
  • Drought Restrictions - A Los Angeles Times analysis of water usage after the state eased drought restrictions
  • Flood Prediction - Applying LSTM on river water level data
  • Sewage Overflow - Insights into the sanitary sewage overflow (SSO). - This has been removed
  • Water Accounting - Assembles water budget data for the US from existing data source
  • Air Quality Prediction - Predict air quality(aq) in Beijing and London in the next 48 hours.


Wholesale & Retail


  • Customer Analysis - Wholesale customer analysis.
  • Distribution - JB wholesale distribution analysis.
  • Clustering - Unsupervised learning techniques are applied on product spending data collected for customers
  • Market Basket Analysis - Instacart public dataset to report which products are often shopped together.



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