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Adds AccelStepperFirmata as a replacement for the older FirmataStepper protocol and implementation. The old version is now deprecated and is not recommended for new implementations. The new version adds stability by wrapping the well supported AccelStepper library and is a more full-featured and scalable protocol definition for stepper motor control. This update also adds support for choreographed multi-stepper support. However, AccelStepperFirmata is not backwards compatible with the old Firmata stepper implementation so Firmata client libraries should be updated accordingly.

Thanks to @dtex for all of the hard work on this feature!


  • If you are using Arduino version 1.6.4 or higher go to Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries and then search for "ConfigurableFirmata" and click on Install after tapping on the ConfigurableFirmata item in the filtered results.
  • If you are using an older version of Arduino, download or clone ConfigurableFirmata to your Arduino sketchbook library. This is typically /Documents/Arduino/libraries/ on Mac or Linux or \My Documents\Arduino\libraries\ on Windows.