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Firmata for Particle

Firmata for Particle

##Install (Web IDE)

  1. Go to Particle Build Web IDE.
  2. Open the Libraries sidebar and search for "Firmata".
  3. Add a reference to the library itself or use the StandardFirmata.ino example.
  4. Click the Flash lightning bolt in the upper left corner.

##Install (Local Dev IDE)

  1. Open the Particle Dev IDE.
  2. Open the libraries window by clicking on the libraries icon in the left sidebar.
  3. Search for "Firmata".
  4. Add a reference to the library by clicking "Use" and then "Copy to current project".
  5. To install StandardFirmata find StandardFirmata.ino under lib/Firmata/examples/StandardFirmata and right-click on it and select Flash Example OTA.

##Install (Particle CLI tools)

  1. Install the command line tools with npm install -g particle-cli.
  2. Log in to your Particle account with particle login.
  3. Create a new project using particle project create and follow the prompts.

To use Firmata in your project use particle library add Firmata. This will create a reference to the library but not copy the contents locally.

To get StandardFirmata on your device copy it to your project folder by running particle library copy Firmata followed by particle flash [device name] lib/Firmata/examples/StandardFirmata

##Install (Arm Toolchain - HARD)

  • Follow the directions at the Spark github page to get your toolchain set up.
  • Make sure you can burn their Tinker example successfully.
  • From this repo add .h files to your /inc dir and .cpp files to your /src directory
  • From this repo copy examples/StandardFirmata/StandardFirmata.ino over your /src/application.cpp file
  • Add CPPSRC += $(TARGET_SRC_PATH)/Firmata.cpp to your /src/ file
  • Build just like you learned in the Spark tutorial



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