Making WordPress development as easy as developing Rails.
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Making WordPress development as awesome. PressPass is one simple command to download and install a WordPress installation, and start a local webserver to start developing without any extra configuration fuzz.


PressPass is available as a gem:

gem install presspass


To generate a new installation of WordPress:

presspass new <app_name>

This will download the latest version of WordPress and install it into the directory. It will also generate a Procfile that starts a PHP development server of your WordPress installation when you run:

$ gem install foreman
$ foreman start
$ open http://localhost:8000

Serve your WordPress environment with Pow

To serve your WordPress development environment using Pow and have nice local development domain names, add a symlink to port 8000:

$ echo "8000" > ~/.pow/myblog
$ open

Theme Development Setup

Please read to learn how you can hook PressPass into your theme development workflow and be awesome.

Having problems?

Are you having problems? Please open an issue at