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Lean, mean and clean, pastebinnin' machine.



$ dnf install perl-Mojolicious perl-DBD-SQLite

Quick Start

$ ./mpaste daemon

This will start up the pastebin server listening at localhost on port 3000.

$ MPASTE_PASTE_DIR=/var/tmp/mpaste ./mpaste daemon --listen="http://*:5000"

Start the pastebin server listening globally on port 5000 and storing pastes in /var/tmp/mpaste.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables allow you to modify the default behaviour of mpaste:

  • MPASTE_HYPNOTOAD_LISTEN - Set listen location for use with mojolicious hypnotoad. Multiple values can be delimited with a , or space. Defaults to http://*:8000.
  • MPASTE_HOLD_TIME - Set how long in seconds, a paste will stick around for. Defaults to 604800 (30 days).
  • MPASTE_NO_HISTORY - Set to hide paste history. Defaults to show available paste history.
  • MPASTE_PASTE_DIR - Set the directory where pastes and db are stored. Defaults to /tmp/mpaste.
  • MPASTE_REAP_TIME - Set the frequency, in seconds, to check for expired pastes. Defaults to 300 (5 minutes).
  • MPASTE_SECRETS - Set the secret passphrases used for signed cookies. Multiple values can be delimited with a , or space. Defaults to mpaste (ie. not very secure).
  • MPASTE_UPLOAD_LIMIT - Set the maximum upload limit in bytes. Defaults to 10485760 (10MB).