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Firo v0.14.12.1 Emergency Release

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@justanwar justanwar released this 24 Mar 11:15


This is an emergency fix to resolve the zero-day vulnerabilities found by Halborn, nicknamed Rab13s that affects many projects that derive code from the Bitcoin base. The vulnerability allows an attacker to send specially crafted p2p messages to crash individual nodes.

More details can be found here.

No reindex is necessary.

Please backup your wallet prior to updating for safety.


  • Introduction of address ratelimit #1230
  • Remove sigmadialog from UI, fixes width issue #1224


  • SHA256 Hashes:
    • Linux aarch64: e99853aa42a540ba43fd3c30a96af82886e039e219cd5b81d5ed1eabc56cfa14
    • Linux: 942f856d30a2d5948d222831482ba10c32314dadcb9f66d495b29db80de8eebc
    • macOS: c6d25c8a4a6c5263e64a4f35a3f9bfc4d5a546ec8f3cd09ddaa5888d7f057b3d
    • Windows Installer: 9296632824c3b6e4a9416ea6708648cfe480a6d5189088faee800c53bda42353
    • Windows zip: 87288f6aa9cf7313d610795c3b61c3a99c225920ea3f710898782943ed581384
  • The signatures can be verified using reuben.asc found in root of this repository or on

Full Changelog: v0.14.12.0...v0.14.12.1