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Releases: firoorg/firominer

Firominer v1.1.0

17 Dec 13:25
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  • Added switch to specify reward address in solo mining mode
  • AMD miner not included due to being very inefficient compared to other miners

Firominer v1.0.0

19 Aug 15:02
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  • Added solo-mining support
  • Added stratum pool mining support
  • Bug fixes
  • CPU verification of results

Known Issues

  • In some cases for AMD, running the miner even in OpenCL mode returns no openCL platforms found. See this issue for fix.
  • AMD performance is not optimized especially for newer cards. We are in touch with TeamRedMiner who has done the work to optimize it for AMD GPUs and is working to make sure their miner is ready prior to the fork.

How to test on Testnet

Pull branch and build from

firominer -U -P stratum+tcp://TESTNETADDRESS.x,

firominer -G -P stratum+tcp://TESTNETADDRESS.x,

FiroMiner v0.9.0

04 Aug 16:37
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Built with CUDA 11.4

You can benchmark your card by typing

firominer -Z 400000

You require a card that has more than 4GB of VRAM

Initial benchmarks:

Hashing speed varies +/- 10% because of internal ProgPOW loop randomization

3090: 48 Mh/s
3080: 42 Mh/s
3060 Ti LHR: 25 Mh/s
2080 Ti: 33.6 Mh/s
2070 Super: 22.7 Mh/s
1080 Ti: 21 Mh/s

RX 480: 5.4 Mh/s