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Library Secruity dependency Checker
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Library Secruity dependency Checker

Use to check a Rust or a NodeJS repo for library security holes

Support languages:

  • Rust
  • NodeJS
git clone
$ cd mkpw/ && wget
$  python3.6
checking key                                                                    
checked key!                                                                    
detected Rust                                                                   
i found the Cargo.toml!                                                         
Checking library pancurses version 0.12                                         
    "author": "Rust Project Developers",                                        
    "cve": "RUSTSEC-2019-0005",                                                 
    "description": "Description pancurses::mvprintw and pancurses::printw passes
 a pointer from a rust &str to C, allowing hostile input to execute a fo
rmat string attack, which trivially allows writing arbitrary data to stack memor
y. More Info Patched Versions"
    "link": "",            
    "published_date": "2019-06-15T01:00:00",                                    
    "recommendation": "Update to the latest Rust library version",              
    "title": "RUSTSEC-2019-0005: pancurses: Format string vulnerabilities in `pa
    "version": "not set"                                                        
Checking library rand version 0.3                                               
 nothing found                                                                  
Checking library md-5 version 0.5                                               
 nothing found                                                                  
Checking library base64 version 0.8                                             
 nothing found                                                                  

Apikey as a system argument supported

$ wget
$ python3.6 apikey=myapigoeshere
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