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Fat Free Evil Emacs Config
Emacs Lisp
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Fat Free Evil Emacs Config




This configuration is build on top of awesome ryo-modal-mode. I’ve been using emacs + evil since 2014. Evil is excellent vim emulation, but it is also hacky and hooks deep into emacs. Getting evil working properly with packages sometimes is hard and requires additional configurations. Ofcourse Doom and Spacemacs solved most of the integration issues, but still I consider evil to be too complex. On the other side I wanted to explore emacs internals more and built my own modal mode.


  • Vim emulation without evil.
  • Minimal setup.
  • Fast startup time ~1 second.
  • As close to vanilla emacs as possible.


  • “C-c C-SPC” to toggle on/of modal mode. Or “i” to exit modal mode.
  • “M-SPC” for major mode hydras
  • You can find all “fat free” modal mode keybindings in lisp/init-fatfree-evil.el


You can clone this repository directly to ~/.emacs.d/ directory, but I presonally like to keep my emacs config in code directory and link files with stow. This way I can keep .gitingore empty, since config files will be linked.

git clone ~/code/fat-free-evil
cd ~/code/fat-free-evil
mkdir ~/.emacs.d
stow -t ~/.emacs.d/ .


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