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What's this?

This is just my personal ~/.xmonad/ directory.


There's the XMonad xmonad.hs file; that's the XMonad configuration and/or executable. For the most part, it's very conventional. The only uncommon part is how it's tied to the dzen2-based status bar system.

The XMonad configuration causes XMonad to send status updates as DBus signals. It will also listen for XMONAD_SWITCH-containing X "client message" events; these are used to send workspace-switch commands back.

The other application, dzen2-update, will spawn a separate dzen2 status bar for each (Xinerama) screen. It will listen for the XMonad status updates, parse those, and update the status bar contents appropriately. Clicking the status bar workspace names will also cause it to send the special workspace-switch events back to XMonad.

How do I use it?

Well, if you are sure you want to...

These days I use this on Debian without a desktop environment in place. If you're curious, see earlier versions for a Gnome-integrated system.

To use it on Debian, I've installed libghc-xmonad-dev and libghc-xmonad-contrib-dev as well as cabal-install from the Debian repositories; then used cabal install the packages dbus, regex-posix, split and alsa-mixer.

I also use the latest development version of dzen2; it used to be the case that released dzen2 versions did not do Xft fonts, though this may have changed.

The volume control keybindings have been designed for a pure-ALSA system and might not be very optimal if you have PulseAudio in place.