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What's this?

This is just my personal ~/.xmonad/ directory.

How do I use it?

Well, if you are sure you want to...

These days I use this on Debian unstable, and build with Stack.

In theory all you need to do is to clone the xmonad and xmonad-contrib repositories into the xmonad-git and xmonad-contrib-git subdirectories. Then call stack install.

It'll put the standard xmonad binary in your stack local-bin-path, but I hardly ever use that: instead, I use a .xsession file to directly start the xmonad-$arch-$os binary. There's also a simple build script to make XMonad's recompile action work as expected.

The custom code resides all in the zem subdirectory, formatted as a Cabal package so that it can be built with Stack. Most of the bulk is in the library (zem/src/), but there are also two executables to act as the configured XMonad binaries for my desktop and laptop setups. The only difference between them is the automatic Xrandr (and in the future, DPI) switching, as the laptop gets used both with and without external displays quite often.


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