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  • 11.1
    • Disable annoying inline error messages from neomake (the ones appearing next to the code lines)
  • 11.0
    • Mapping to add python breakpoints with ipdb (but easily configurable to something else).
    • Added optional nice file icons.
    • Load custom configs at the end of the file, if present.
    • Fancy symbols tutorial now points to Nerd Fonts, far easier.
    • Installation now recommends using an appimage release.
    • Changelog inverted, easier to read :D
    • Docker image should now be available.
  • 10.0
    • Finally out of beta!
    • Code checks assume python3 by default (you can comment the settings after "Check code as python3 by default").
    • Fixed issues with using other shells that aren't bash.
    • Nicer vertical line separator.
  • Beta 9.5
    • Added vim-polyglot plugin.
    • The emmet-vim plugin is back.
    • Changed the location of the YankRing.vim plugin's history file.
    • Updated Plug paths pointing to vim-scripts (old way of just the plugin name is deprecated).
  • Beta 9.4
    • Remove legacy CtrlP code.
    • Fixed a problem of yankring and system clipboard non-text data.
  • Beta 9.3
    • Small website and readme fixes.
  • Beta 9.2
    • Small doc, links and website fixes.
  • Beta 9.1
    • First public beta of the NeoVim config!

Previous versions come from the original vim config:

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