Terminal of the Ancients! Like Dota, but for programmers and running in a terminal
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Tota is a game in which you play programming simple bots, which will have to win a game similar to DotA.

Getting started

The game isn't packaged for PyPI or anything, it's meant to be a playground, so just clone the code, install its dependencies, and get inside the tota folder to start messing around:

git clone https://github.com/fisadev/tota.git
cd tota
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

(If you know about virtualenv, use it!)

And now lets just run a simple demo game:

PYTHONPATH=. python3 tota/play.py simple simple -f 10

(Yes, it needs python3)

The parameters of the play.py script are very easy to understand, just run it with --help (simple is the name of a very simple hero already implemented in the game).

The fun part: how to create your own heroes

To create a hero you need to create a python module inside the heroes folder, with your hero name as module name. For example heroes/terminator.py.

Inside your hero module, you have to define 2 things: a hero function and a create function. Also you need to define an AUTHOR variable, but that's almost no work ;)

Your hero and its function

The hero function should be a simple function which receives 3 parameters:

  • self: your hero instance (created by the game)
  • things: a dictionary of all the things in the world, with the positions as keys.
  • t: the current time

This function will be called each game instant, so your hero can think and decide what to do next.

The result of the function must be a tuple. This tuple has two parts:

  • An action string: the name of the action you want to perform.
  • A position tuple: the position to which you want to perform that action.

Example of a valid result: return "attack", (10, 2)

The create function should be a simple function with no parameters, which returns the hero function.

Finally, AUTHOR should be a string with your name or nick.

This is an example of a very, very basic hero who only throws fireballs at himself:

# tota/heroes/fireballer.py
AUTHOR = 'Me, a programmer'

def create():

    def fireballer_logic(self, things, t):
        return 'fireball', self.position

    return fireballer_logic

If your hero doesn't feel like doing anything useful, it could also return just None, and no action will be performed. He will just stand still, watching as his fellow creeps fight endless hordes of enemies without his help.

And also, there are other useful things for your hero:

  • self.life: amount of current life.
  • self.position: your current position on the map.
  • self.can('some action', t): check if you can perform an action at the given time.
  • self.last_uses: a dictionary of the last time you used each skill with cooldown.
  • and more! For a nice example, look at tota/heroes/simple.py.