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fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0 24V (en)

This project contains the PLC programs, the IOT gateway SD card image with Node-RED flows and the TXT gateway C program for the fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0 24V.

Folder Content
Node-RED Node-RED flows, SD card image for IOT gateway
PLC_S7_1500 PLC S7 1500 project (TIA Portal v16)
PLC_S7_1500_exercises PLC S7 1500 exercises (TIA Portal v16)
PLC_SCL_sources PLC sources as SCL (Structured Control Language)
TxtGatewayPLC C program for the TXT controller

First Steps

  • In the PLC examples PWM must be activated on the adapter boards. Please check the jumpers and activate all PWMs if they are disabled!


The standard demo scenario is implemented with the It is also possible to use the PLC program without the fischertechnik cloud. In this case the local Node-RED dashboard can be used.

The following diagram shows the communication between the 3 controllers PLC, TXT controller and IOT gateway (Raspberry Pi 4): overview_communication_en


The next picture shows the network overview with the controllers. factory_overview_en

The factory consists of the following stations:

  • SSC: Sensor Station with Camera
  • HBW: High-Bay Warehouse
  • VGR: Vacuum Gripper Robot
  • DPS: Delivery and Pickup Station
  • MPO: Multi-Processing Station with Oven
  • SLD: Sorting Line with Color Detection


The Node-RED flows for the Training Factory Industry 4.0 24V you can find in Node-RED folder.


Training Factory Industry 4.0 (24V)



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