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TXT Training Factory Industry 4.0 (>=4.5.0)
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If you have any questions, please contact

DEUTSCH: fischertechnik Lernfabrik 4.0 (de)

fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0 (en)

This project contains the C/C++ library TxtSmartFactoryLib and the main and client programs for the fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0. The library requires at least the TXT firmware version 4.5.1.

The current txt_training_factory version v0.8.0 (Release Notes) requires at least TXT firmware 4.6.6 (Release Notes). See HowTo for more details. An upgrade takes some time and should best be done by an experienced user, because all the data on the TXT controllers will be overwritten.


The factory consists of the following stations:

  • SSC: Sensor Station with Camera (Main)
  • HBW: High-Bay Warehouse
  • VGR: Vacuum Gripper Robot
  • DPS: Delivery and Pickup Station
  • MPO: Multi-Processing Station with Oven
  • SLD: Sorting Line with Color Detection


The default user programs implement the standard demo scenario with the These programs you will find in the bin folder:

The programs for the parking position you will find in the bin folder:

  • TxtParkPosSSC
  • TxtParkPosMPO
  • TxtParkPosHBW
  • TxtParkPosVGR

The programs can be copied to the TXT controllers using the WEB server.

IDE Setup

You can import the git repository as a workspace in eclipse CDT. Please read the instructions.


The next picture shows the network overview with the TXT controllers. Overview Network

MQTT Interface

The MQTT Interface describes the topics and the payload of the MQTT clients and the configuration of the mosquitto MQTT bridge.

API Reference C/C++ Library

The Doxygen documentation of the C/C ++ library classes can be found in the API Reference.

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