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# Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Axel Liljencrantz
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
# published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
# @configure_input@
# Makefile for the fish shell. Can build fish and associated
# applications, install them, and recalculate dependencies.
# This is the default value for SHELL but I like to be explicit about such
# things. Especially in a project like fish where someone might otherwise
# think fish will be used to execute make recipes.
SHELL = /bin/sh
# Used by docdir
# Programs
CXX := @CXX@
SED := @SED@
# Installation directories
prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
datarootdir = @datarootdir@
datadir = @datadir@
bindir = @bindir@
mandir = @mandir@
sysconfdir = @sysconfdir@
docdir = @docdir@
localedir = @localedir@
extra_completionsdir = @extra_completionsdir@
extra_functionsdir = @extra_functionsdir@
extra_confdir = @extra_confdir@
# pcre2
PCRE2_DIR = pcre2-10.21
PCRE2_LIB = $(PCRE2_LIBDIR)/libpcre2-$(PCRE2_WIDTH).a
PCRE2_H = $(PCRE2_DIR)/src/pcre2.h
# Various flags
MACROS = -DLOCALEDIR=\"$(localedir)\" -DPREFIX=L\"$(prefix)\" -DDATADIR=L\"$(datadir)\" -DSYSCONFDIR=L\"$(sysconfdir)\" -DBINDIR=L\"$(bindir)\" -DDOCDIR=L\"$(docdir)\"
CXXFLAGS = @CXXFLAGS@ -iquote. -iquote./src/ $(MACROS) $(EXTRA_CXXFLAGS)
# Set to 1 if we have gettext
# Set to 1 if we have doxygen
# All objects that the system needs to build fish, except fish.o
FISH_OBJS := obj/autoload.o obj/builtin.o obj/builtin_commandline.o \
obj/builtin_complete.o obj/builtin_jobs.o obj/builtin_printf.o \
obj/builtin_set.o obj/builtin_set_color.o obj/builtin_string.o \
obj/builtin_test.o obj/builtin_ulimit.o obj/color.o obj/common.o \
obj/complete.o obj/env.o obj/env_universal_common.o obj/event.o \
obj/exec.o obj/expand.o obj/fallback.o obj/fish_version.o \
obj/function.o obj/highlight.o obj/history.o obj/input.o \
obj/input_common.o obj/intern.o obj/io.o obj/iothread.o obj/kill.o \
obj/output.o obj/pager.o obj/parse_execution.o \
obj/parse_productions.o obj/parse_tree.o obj/parse_util.o \
obj/parser.o obj/parser_keywords.o obj/path.o obj/postfork.o \
obj/proc.o obj/reader.o obj/sanity.o obj/screen.o obj/signal.o \
obj/tokenizer.o obj/utf8.o obj/util.o obj/wcstringutil.o \
obj/wgetopt.o obj/wildcard.o obj/wutil.o
FISH_INDENT_OBJS := obj/fish_indent.o obj/print_help.o $(FISH_OBJS)
FISH_KEYREAD_OBJS := obj/fish_key_reader.o obj/print_help.o $(FISH_OBJS)
# All objects that the system needs to build fish_tests
FISH_TESTS_OBJS := $(FISH_OBJS) obj/fish_tests.o
# All of the sources that produce object files
# (that is, are not themselves #included in other source files)
# Files containing user documentation
# These files are the source files, they contain a few @FOO@-style substitutions
# Note that this order defines the order that they appear in the documentation
HDR_FILES_SRC := doc_src/index.hdr.in doc_src/tutorial.hdr doc_src/design.hdr \
doc_src/license.hdr doc_src/commands.hdr.in doc_src/faq.hdr
# These are the generated result files
HDR_FILES := $(HDR_FILES_SRC:.hdr.in=.hdr)
# Use a pattern rule so that Make knows to only issue one invocation
# per http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html#Pattern-Intro
# Files containing documentation for external commands.
HELP_SRC := $(wildcard doc_src/*.txt)
# HTML includes needed for HTML help
HTML_SRC := doc_src/user_doc.header.html doc_src/user_doc.footer.html \
# Files in the test directory
TEST_IN := $(wildcard tests/test*.in)
# Files in ./share/completions/
COMPLETIONS_DIR_FILES := $(wildcard share/completions/*.fish) share/completions/..fish
# Files in ./share/functions/
FUNCTIONS_DIR_FILES := $(wildcard share/functions/*.fish)
# Programs to install
PROGRAMS := fish fish_indent fish_key_reader
# Manual pages to install
MANUALS := $(addsuffix .1, $(addprefix share/man/man1/, \
# All translation message catalogs
TRANSLATIONS_SRC := $(wildcard po/*.po)
# If Doxygen is not available, don't attempt to build the documentation
ifeq ($(HAVE_DOXYGEN), 1)
# Make everything needed for installing fish
all: $(PROGRAMS) $(user_doc) $(share_man) $(TRANSLATIONS) fish.pc share/__fish_build_paths.fish
@echo fish has now been built.
@echo Use \'$(MAKE) install\' to install fish.
.PHONY: all
# Pull version information
obj/fish_version.o: FISH-BUILD-VERSION-FILE
# These dependencies make sure that autoconf and configure are run
# when the source code for the build configuration has changed.
configure: configure.ac
./config.status --recheck
Makefile: Makefile.in configure
# Build fish with some debug flags specified. This is GCC specific,
# and should only be used when debuging fish.
prof: EXTRA_CXXFLAGS += -pg
prof: LDFLAGS += -pg
prof: all
.PHONY: prof
# User documentation, describing the features of the fish shell.
# Depend on the sources (*.hdr.in) and manually make the intermediate *.hdr
# and doc.h files if needed. The sed command deletes everything including and
# after the first -, for simpler version numbers. Cleans up the user_doc/html
# directory once Doxygen is done.
doc: $(HDR_FILES_SRC) Doxyfile.user $(HTML_SRC) $(HELP_SRC) doc.h \
$(HDR_FILES) lexicon_filter
(cat Doxyfile.user; echo INPUT_FILTER=./lexicon_filter; \
echo PROJECT_NUMBER=$(FISH_BUILD_VERSION) | $(SED) "s/-.*//") | \
doxygen - && touch user_doc; \
cd user_doc/html && rm -f arrow*.png bc_s.png bdwn.png closed.png \
doc.png folder*.png ftv2*.png nav*.png open.png splitbar.png \
sync_*.png tab*.* doxygen.* dynsections.js jquery.js pages.html
# PDF version of the source code documentation.
doc/refman.pdf: doc
cd doc/latex && \
make && \
mv refman.pdf ..;
rm -r doc/latex;
# Prep the environment for running the unit tests. When specifying DESTDIR on
# the command line (e.g., `make DESTDIR=/usr/local/`) you must have previously
# installed fish using the same prefix; e.g., `./configure --prefix=/usr/local`
# followed by `make install`.
rm -rf test
mkdir test test/data test/home test/temp
ln -s $(DESTDIR) test/root
mkdir test/root
.PHONY: test-prep
# The test target runs both the low level code tests and the high level script
# tests.
# Note that doing `make DESTDIR=/some/path/ test` overrides this assignment.
test: DESTDIR = $(PWD)/test/root/
test: prefix = .
test: test-prep install-force test_low_level test_high_level
@rm -f /tmp/file_truncation_test.txt /tmp/tee_test.txt /tmp/fish_foo.txt
@rm -rf /tmp/is_potential_path_test
.PHONY: test
# We want the various tests to run serially so their output doesn't mix
# We can do that by adding ordering dependencies based on what goals are being used.
test_goals := test_low_level test_fishscript test_interactive
# The following variables define targets that depend on the tests. If any more targets
# are added that depend, directly or indirectly, on tests, they need to be recorded here.
test_test_deps = test_low_level $(test_high_level_test_deps)
test_high_level_test_deps = test_fishscript test_interactive
active_test_goals = $(filter $(test_goals),$(foreach a,$(or $(MAKECMDGOALS),$(.DEFAULT_GOAL)),$(a) $($(a)_test_deps)))
filter_up_to = $(eval b:=1)$(foreach a,$(2),$(and $(b),$(if $(subst $(1),,$(a)),$(a),$(eval b:=))))
# The values for XDG_DATA_HOME and XDG_CONFIG_HOME mimic those from tests/test_util.fish.
test_low_level: fish_tests $(call filter_up_to,test_low_level,$(active_test_goals))
rm -rf test/data test/home
mkdir -p test/data test/home
env XDG_DATA_HOME=test/data XDG_CONFIG_HOME=test/home ./fish_tests
.PHONY: test_low_level
test_high_level: test_fishscript test_interactive
.PHONY: test_high_level
test_fishscript: $(call filter_up_to,test_fishscript,$(active_test_goals))
cd tests; ../test/root/bin/fish test.fish
.PHONY: test_fishscript
test_interactive: $(call filter_up_to,test_interactive,$(active_test_goals))
cd tests; ../test/root/bin/fish interactive.fish
.PHONY: test_interactive
# commands.hdr collects documentation on all commands, functions and
# builtins
doc_src/commands.hdr:$(HELP_SRC) doc_src/commands.hdr.in
-rm command_list.tmp command_list_toc.tmp $@
for i in `printf "%s\n" $(HELP_SRC)|sort`; do \
echo "<hr>" >>command_list.tmp; \
cat $$i >>command_list.tmp; \
echo >>command_list.tmp; \
echo >>command_list.tmp; \
NAME=`basename $$i .txt`; \
echo '- <a href="#'$$NAME'">'$$NAME'</a>' >> command_list_toc.tmp; \
echo "Back to <a href='index.html#toc-commands'>index</a>". >>command_list.tmp; \
mv command_list.tmp command_list.txt
mv command_list_toc.tmp command_list_toc.txt
cat $@.in | awk '{if ($$0 ~ /@command_list_toc@/) { system("cat command_list_toc.txt"); } else if ($$0 ~ /@command_list@/){ system("cat command_list.txt");} else{ print $$0;}}' >$@
toc.txt: $(HDR_FILES:index.hdr=index.hdr.in)
-rm toc.tmp $@
# Ugly hack to set the toc initial title for the main page
echo '- <a href="index.html" id="toc-index">Documentation</a>' > toc.tmp
# The first sed command captures the page name, followed by the description
# The second sed command captures the command name \1 and the description \2, but only up to a dash
# This is to reduce the size of the TOC in the command listing on the main page
for i in $(HDR_FILES:index.hdr=index.hdr.in); do\
NAME=`basename $$i .hdr`; \
NAME=`basename $$NAME .hdr.in`; \
$(SED) <$$i >>toc.tmp -n \
-e 's,.*\\page *\([^ ]*\) *\(.*\)$$,- <a href="'$$NAME'.html" id="toc-'$$NAME'">\2</a>,p' \
-e 's,.*\\section *\([^ ]*\) *\([^-]*\)\(.*\)$$, - <a href="'$$NAME'.html#\1">\2</a>,p'; \
mv toc.tmp $@
doc_src/index.hdr: toc.txt doc_src/index.hdr.in
cat $@.in | awk '{if ($$0 ~ /@toc@/){ system("cat toc.txt");} else{ print $$0;}}' >$@
# To enable the lexicon filter, we first need to be aware of what fish
# considers to be a command, function, or external binary. We use
# command_list_toc.txt for the base commands. Scan the share/functions
# directory for other functions, some of which are mentioned in the docs, and
# use /share/completions to find a good selection of binaries. Additionally,
# colour defaults from __fish_config_interactive to set the docs colours when
# used in a 'cli' style context.
lexicon.txt: doc_src/commands.hdr $(FUNCTIONS_DIR_FILES) $(COMPLETIONS_DIR_FILES) share/functions/__fish_config_interactive.fish
-rm lexicon.tmp lexicon_catalog.tmp lexicon_catalog.txt $@
# Scan sources for commands/functions/binaries/colours. If GNU sed was portable, this could be much smarter.
$(SED) <command_list_toc.txt >>lexicon.tmp -n \
-e "s|^.*>\([a-z][a-z_]*\)</a>|'\1'|w lexicon_catalog.tmp" \
-e "s|'\(.*\)'|bltn \1|p"; mv lexicon_catalog.tmp lexicon_catalog.txt; \
printf "%s\n" $(COMPLETIONS_DIR_FILES) | $(SED) -n \
-e "s|[^ ]*/\([a-z][a-z_-]*\).fish|'\1'|p" | fgrep -vx -f lexicon_catalog.txt | $(SED) >>lexicon.tmp -n \
-e 'w lexicon_catalog.tmp' \
-e "s|'\(.*\)'|cmnd \1|p"; cat lexicon_catalog.tmp >> lexicon_catalog.txt; \
printf "%s\n" $(FUNCTIONS_DIR_FILES) | $(SED) -n \
-e "s|[^ ]*/\([a-z][a-z_-]*\).fish|'\1'|p" | fgrep -vx -f lexicon_catalog.txt | $(SED) >>lexicon.tmp -n \
-e 'w lexicon_catalog.tmp' \
-e "s|'\(.*\)'|func \1|p"; \
$(SED) <share/functions/__fish_config_interactive.fish >>lexicon.tmp -n \
-e '/set_default/s/.*\(fish_[a-z][a-z_]*\).*$$/clrv \1/p'; \
$(SED) <lexicon_filter.in >>lexicon.tmp -n \
-e '/^#.!#/s/^#.!# \(.... [a-z][a-z_]*\)/\1/p'; \
mv lexicon.tmp lexicon.txt; rm -f lexicon_catalog.tmp lexicon_catalog.txt;
# Compile Doxygen Input Filter from the lexicon. This is an executable sed
# script as Doxygen opens it via popen()(3) Input (doc.h) is piped through and
# matching words inside /fish../endfish blocks are marked up, contextually,
# with custom Doxygen commands in the form of @word_type{content}. These are
# trapped by ALIASES in the various Doxyfiles, allowing the content to be
# transformed depending on output type (HTML, man page, developer docs). In
# HTML, a style context can be applied through the /fish{style} block and
# providing suitable CSS in user_doc.css.in
lexicon_filter: lexicon.txt lexicon_filter.in
-rm $@.tmp $@
# Set the shebang as sed can reside in multiple places.
$(SED) <$@.in >$@.tmp -e 's|@sed@|'$(SED)'|'
# Scan through the lexicon, transforming each line to something useful to Doxygen.
if echo x | $(SED) "/[[:<:]]x/d" 2>/dev/null; then \
WORDBL='[[:<:]]'; WORDBR='[[:>:]]'; \
else \
WORDBL='\\<'; WORDBR='\\>'; \
fi; \
$(SED) <lexicon.txt >>$@.tmp -n \
-e "s|^\([a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z]\) \([a-z_-]*\)$$|s,$$WORDBL\2$$WORDBR,@\1{\2},g|p" \
-e '$$G;s/.*\n/b tidy/p'; \
mv $@.tmp $@; if test -x $@; then true; else chmod a+x $@; fi
# doc.h is a compilation of the various snipptes of text used both for
# the user documentation and for internal help functions into a single
# file that can be parsed by Doxygen to generate the user
# documentation.
doc.h: $(HDR_FILES)
cat $(HDR_FILES) >$@
# This rule creates complete doxygen headers from each of the various
# snipptes of text used both for the user documentation and for
# internal help functions, that can be parsed to Doxygen to generate
# the internal help function text.
echo "/** \page " `basename $*` >$@;
cat $*.txt >>$@;
echo "*/" >>$@
# Depend on Makefile because I don't see a better way of rebuilding
# if any of the paths change.
$(SED) <$< >$@ \
-e "s,@sysconfdir\@,$(sysconfdir),g" \
-e "s,@datadir\@,$(datadir),g" \
-e "s,@docdir\@,$(docdir),g" \
-e "s,@extra_completionsdir\@,$(extra_completionsdir),g" \
-e "s,@extra_functionsdir\@,$(extra_functionsdir),g" \
-e "s,@extra_confdir\@,$(extra_confdir),g" \
-e "s|@configure_input\@|$@, generated from $@.in by the Makefile. DO NOT MANUALLY EDIT THIS FILE!|g" \
-e "s,@prefix\@,$(prefix),g" \
-e "s,@fish_build_version\@,$(FISH_BUILD_VERSION),g" \
# Compile translation files to binary format
msgfmt -o $@ $*.po
# Update existing po file or copy messages.pot
if test -f $*.po; then \
msgmerge -U --backup=existing $*.po messages.pot;\
else \
cp messages.pot $*.po;\
# Create a template translation object
messages.pot: src/*.cpp src/*.h share/completions/*.fish share/functions/*.fish
xgettext -k_ -kN_ src/*.cpp src/*.h -o messages.pot
xgettext -j -k_ -kN_ -k--description -LShell --from-code=UTF-8 share/completions/*.fish share/functions/*.fish -o messages.pot
src/builtin_string.cpp: $(PCRE2_H)
# Generate the internal help functions by making doxygen create
# man-pages. The convertion path looks like this:
# .txt file
# ||
# (make)
# ||
# \/
# .doxygen file
# ||
# (doxygen)
# ||
# \/
# roff file
# ||
# (__fish_print_help)
# ||
# \/
# formated text
# with escape
# sequences
# There ought to be something simpler.
share/man: $(HELP_SRC) lexicon_filter
-mkdir share/man
touch share/man
-rm -Rf share/man/man1
PROJECT_NUMBER=`echo $(FISH_BUILD_VERSION)| $(SED) "s/-.*//"` INPUT_FILTER=./lexicon_filter \
./build_tools/build_documentation.sh Doxyfile.help ./doc_src ./share
# The build rules for installing/uninstalling fish
if test -f "$$SEQLOC" && grep -q '\(^#!/.*/fish\|^#!/usr/bin/env fish\)' "$$SEQLOC"; then\
echo "An outdated seq from a previous fish install was found. You should remove it with:";\
echo " rm '$$SEQLOC'";\
if test -x "$$SETCOLOR_LOC" && $$SETCOLOR_LOC -v 2>&1 >/dev/null | grep -q "^set_color, version "; then\
echo "An outdated set_color from a previous fish install was found. You should remove it with:";\
echo " rm '$$SETCOLOR_LOC'";\
if test -x "$$MIMEDB_LOC" && $$MIMEDB_LOC --version 2>&1 | grep -q "^mimedb, version "; then\
echo "An outdated mimedb binary from a previous fish install was found. You should remove it with:";\
echo " rm '$$MIMEDB_LOC'";\
if test -x "$$FISHD_LOC" && $$FISHD_LOC --version 2>&1 | grep -q "^fishd: fishd, version "; then\
echo "An outdated fishd binary from a previous fish install was found. You should remove it with:";\
echo " rm '$$FISHD_LOC'";\
.PHONY: check-legacy-binaries
install: all install-force check-legacy-binaries
@echo fish is now installed on your system.
@echo To run fish, type \'fish\' in your terminal.
@if type chsh >/dev/null 2>&1; then \
echo To use fish as your login shell:; \
grep -q -- "$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fish" /etc/shells || echo \* add the line \'$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fish\' to the file \'/etc/shells\'.; \
echo \* use the command \'chsh -s $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fish\'.; \
echo; \
@if type chcon >/dev/null 2>&1; then \
echo If you have SELinux enabled, you may need to manually update the security policy:; \
echo \* use the command \'chcon -t shell_exec_t $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/fish\'.; \
echo; \
@echo To set your colors, run \'fish_config\'
@echo To scan your man pages for completions, run \'fish_update_completions\'
@echo To autocomplete command suggestions press Ctrl + F or right arrow key.
@echo Have fun!
.PHONY: install
# Xcode install
rm -Rf /tmp/fish_build;\
xcodebuild install DSTROOT=/tmp/fish_build;\
ditto /tmp/fish_build /
.PHONY: xcode-install
# Actually do the installation. These 'true' lines are to prevent installs
# from failing for (e.g.) missing man pages or extra_dirs outside the
# writeable prefix.
install-force: all install-translations
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
for i in $(PROGRAMS); do\
$(INSTALL) -m 755 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) ; \
true ;\
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/fish
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/fish/conf.d
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/completions
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(extra_completionsdir); true
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(extra_functionsdir); true
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(extra_confdir); true
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/functions
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/man/man1
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config/js
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config/partials
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config/sample_prompts
$(INSTALL) -m 644 etc/config.fish $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/fish/
$(INSTALL) -m 644 share/config.fish $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/
$(INSTALL) -m 644 share/__fish_build_paths.fish $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/pkgconfig
$(INSTALL) -m 644 fish.pc $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/pkgconfig
for i in $(COMPLETIONS_DIR_FILES:%='%'); do \
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/completions/; \
true; \
for i in $(FUNCTIONS_DIR_FILES:%='%'); do \
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/functions/; \
true; \
for i in share/man/man1/*.1; do \
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/man/man1/; \
true; \
for i in share/tools/*.py; do\
$(INSTALL) -m 755 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/; \
true; \
for i in share/tools/web_config/*; do\
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config/; \
true; \
for i in share/tools/web_config/js/*; do\
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config/js/; \
true; \
for i in share/tools/web_config/partials/*; do\
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config/partials/; \
true; \
for i in share/tools/web_config/sample_prompts/*.fish; do\
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config/sample_prompts/; \
true; \
for i in share/tools/web_config/*.py; do\
$(INSTALL) -m 755 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish/tools/web_config/; \
true; \
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(docdir)
for i in user_doc/html/* CHANGELOG.md; do \
if test -f $$i; then \
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(docdir); \
fi; \
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man1
for i in $(MANUALS); do \
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man1/; \
true; \
.PHONY: install-force
# Uninstall this fish version
uninstall: uninstall-translations
-for i in $(PROGRAMS); do \
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$$i; \
-rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/fish
-if test -d $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish; then \
rm -r $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/fish; \
-if test -d $(DESTDIR)$(docdir); then \
rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(docdir);\
-if test -f $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/pkgconfig/fish.pc; then \
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/pkgconfig/fish.pc;\
-for i in $(MANUALS); do \
rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(mandir)/man1/`basename $$i`*; \
.PHONY: uninstall
install-translations: $(TRANSLATIONS)
for i in $(TRANSLATIONS); do \
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)$(localedir)/`basename $$i .gmo`/LC_MESSAGES; \
$(INSTALL) -m 644 $$i $(DESTDIR)$(localedir)/`basename $$i .gmo`/LC_MESSAGES/fish.mo; \
echo $(DESTDIR)$(localedir)/`basename $$i .gmo`/LC_MESSAGES/fish.mo;\
.PHONY: install-translations
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(localedir)/*/LC_MESSAGES/fish.mo
.PHONY: uninstall-translations
# The build rules for all the commands
# How basic files get compiled
obj/%.o: src/%.cpp | obj
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
# obj directory
mkdir obj
# Build the fish program.
fish: obj/fish.o $(FISH_OBJS) $(EXTRA_PCRE2)
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS_FISH) $(FISH_OBJS) obj/fish.o $(LIBS) -o $@
$(PCRE2_LIB): $(PCRE2_H)
$(MAKE) -C $(PCRE2_DIR) libpcre2-$(PCRE2_WIDTH).la
(cd $(PCRE2_DIR) && ./config.status)
# Build the fish_tests program.
fish_tests: $(FISH_TESTS_OBJS) $(EXTRA_PCRE2)
# Build the fish_indent program.
fish_indent: $(FISH_INDENT_OBJS) $(EXTRA_PCRE2)
# Build the fish_key_reader program to show input from the terminal.
fish_key_reader: $(FISH_KEYREAD_OBJS) $(EXTRA_PCRE2)
# Update dependencies
# Unfortunately makedepend cannot handle source files in one directory
# and object files in another. So we have to cons up a fake directory
# tree and run it there. Note that some .cpp files do not result in
# objects because they are #include'd directly. In that case we need to
# leave them in the 'header' directory, so they get picked up by the
# dependencies. So we put everything in the header directory and move out
# exactly the files that result in objects, leaving the #include'd files
# behind.
mkdir -p /tmp/fish_make_depend/src
cp src/*.cpp src/*.h /tmp/fish_make_depend/src
cp config.h /tmp/fish_make_depend/
mv $(subst obj/,/tmp/fish_make_depend/src/,$(FISH_ALL_OBJS:.o=.cpp)) /tmp/fish_make_depend/
cd /tmp/fish_make_depend && \
makedepend -f$(CURDIR)/Makefile.in -pobj/ -Y -Isrc *.cpp
rm -Rf /tmp/fish_make_depend
.PHONY: depend
# Lint the code. This only deals with C++ files.
build_tools/lint.fish $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS)
build_tools/lint.fish $(CXX) --all $(CXXFLAGS)
.PHONY: lint lint-all
# Run the code through the style refomatter. This handles both C++ files and
# fish scripts (*.fish).
build_tools/style.fish --all
.PHONY: style style-all
# Cleanup targets
# Restore the source tree to the state right after extracting a tarball.
distclean: clean
$(MAKE) -C $(PCRE2_DIR) distclean || true
rm -f config.status config.log config.h Makefile
.PHONY: distclean
# Remove everything built by the Makefile, but not things that are created by
# the configure script.
# Don't delete the docs unless we have Doxygen installed We provide pre-built
# docs in the tarball, and if they get deleted we won't be able to regenerate
# them.
$(MAKE) -C $(PCRE2_DIR) clean || true
rm -f obj/*.o *.o doc.h doc.tmp
rm -f doc_src/*.doxygen doc_src/*.cpp doc_src/*.o doc_src/commands.hdr
rm -f tests/tmp.err tests/tmp.out tests/tmp.status tests/foo.txt
rm -f $(PROGRAMS) fish_tests fish_key_reader
rm -f command_list.txt command_list_toc.txt toc.txt
rm -f doc_src/index.hdr doc_src/commands.hdr
rm -f lexicon_filter lexicon.txt lexicon.log
rm -f compile_commands.json xcodebuild.log
rm -f FISH-BUILD-VERSION-FILE fish.pc share/__fish_build_paths.fish
if test "$(HAVE_DOXYGEN)" = 1; then \
rm -rf doc user_doc share/man; \
rm -f po/*.gmo
rm -rf obj build test
.PHONY: clean
# DO NOT DELETE THIS LINE -- make depend depends on it.
obj/autoload.o: config.h src/autoload.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/autoload.o: src/signal.h src/lru.h src/env.h src/exec.h src/wutil.h
obj/builtin.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin.o: src/signal.h src/builtin_commandline.h src/builtin_complete.h
obj/builtin.o: src/builtin_jobs.h src/builtin_printf.h src/builtin_set.h
obj/builtin.o: src/builtin_set_color.h src/builtin_string.h
obj/builtin.o: src/builtin_test.h src/builtin_ulimit.h src/complete.h
obj/builtin.o: src/env.h src/event.h src/exec.h src/expand.h
obj/builtin.o: src/parse_constants.h src/function.h src/highlight.h
obj/builtin.o: src/color.h src/history.h src/wutil.h src/input.h src/intern.h
obj/builtin.o: src/io.h src/parse_util.h src/tokenizer.h src/parser.h
obj/builtin.o: src/parse_tree.h src/proc.h src/parser_keywords.h src/path.h
obj/builtin.o: src/reader.h src/wcstringutil.h src/wgetopt.h
obj/builtin_commandline.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_commandline.o: src/signal.h src/input.h src/env.h src/io.h
obj/builtin_commandline.o: src/parse_util.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/builtin_commandline.o: src/tokenizer.h src/proc.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/builtin_commandline.o: src/reader.h src/complete.h src/highlight.h
obj/builtin_commandline.o: src/color.h src/util.h src/wgetopt.h src/wutil.h
obj/builtin_complete.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_complete.o: src/signal.h src/complete.h src/env.h src/io.h
obj/builtin_complete.o: src/parse_constants.h src/parse_util.h
obj/builtin_complete.o: src/tokenizer.h src/parser.h src/event.h src/expand.h
obj/builtin_complete.o: src/parse_tree.h src/proc.h src/reader.h
obj/builtin_complete.o: src/highlight.h src/color.h src/wgetopt.h src/wutil.h
obj/builtin_jobs.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_jobs.o: src/signal.h src/io.h src/proc.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/builtin_jobs.o: src/parse_constants.h src/tokenizer.h src/wgetopt.h
obj/builtin_jobs.o: src/wutil.h
obj/builtin_printf.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_printf.o: src/signal.h src/io.h src/proc.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/builtin_printf.o: src/parse_constants.h src/tokenizer.h src/wutil.h
obj/builtin_set.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_set.o: src/signal.h src/env.h src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/builtin_set.o: src/io.h src/proc.h src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h
obj/builtin_set.o: src/wgetopt.h src/wutil.h
obj/builtin_set_color.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_set_color.o: src/signal.h src/color.h src/io.h src/output.h
obj/builtin_set_color.o: src/proc.h src/parse_tree.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/builtin_set_color.o: src/tokenizer.h src/wgetopt.h src/wutil.h
obj/builtin_string.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_string.o: src/signal.h src/io.h src/parse_util.h
obj/builtin_string.o: src/parse_constants.h src/tokenizer.h src/wgetopt.h
obj/builtin_string.o: src/wildcard.h src/complete.h src/expand.h src/wutil.h
obj/builtin_test.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_test.o: src/signal.h src/io.h src/proc.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/builtin_test.o: src/parse_constants.h src/tokenizer.h src/wutil.h
obj/builtin_ulimit.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/builtin_ulimit.o: src/signal.h src/io.h src/util.h src/wgetopt.h
obj/builtin_ulimit.o: src/wutil.h
obj/color.o: config.h src/color.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/common.o: config.h src/signal.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/expand.h
obj/common.o: src/parse_constants.h src/wildcard.h src/complete.h src/wutil.h
obj/complete.o: config.h src/autoload.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/complete.o: src/signal.h src/lru.h src/builtin.h src/complete.h src/env.h
obj/complete.o: src/exec.h src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h src/function.h
obj/complete.o: src/event.h src/iothread.h src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h
obj/complete.o: src/parse_util.h src/parser.h src/proc.h src/io.h src/path.h
obj/complete.o: src/util.h src/wildcard.h src/wutil.h
obj/env.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/env.h
obj/env.o: src/env_universal_common.h src/wutil.h src/event.h src/expand.h
obj/env.o: src/parse_constants.h src/fish_version.h src/history.h src/input.h
obj/env.o: src/input_common.h src/path.h src/proc.h src/io.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/env.o: src/tokenizer.h src/reader.h src/complete.h src/highlight.h
obj/env.o: src/color.h src/sanity.h
obj/env_universal_common.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/env_universal_common.o: src/env.h src/env_universal_common.h src/wutil.h
obj/env_universal_common.o: src/utf8.h src/util.h
obj/event.o: config.h src/signal.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/event.h
obj/event.o: src/input_common.h src/io.h src/parser.h src/expand.h
obj/event.o: src/parse_constants.h src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h
obj/event.o: src/proc.h src/wutil.h
obj/exec.o: config.h src/signal.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/exec.o: src/env.h src/exec.h src/function.h src/event.h src/io.h
obj/exec.o: src/parse_tree.h src/parse_constants.h src/tokenizer.h
obj/exec.o: src/parser.h src/expand.h src/proc.h src/postfork.h src/reader.h
obj/exec.o: src/complete.h src/highlight.h src/color.h src/wutil.h
obj/expand.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/expand.o: src/complete.h src/env.h src/exec.h src/expand.h
obj/expand.o: src/parse_constants.h src/iothread.h src/parse_util.h
obj/expand.o: src/tokenizer.h src/path.h src/proc.h src/io.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/expand.o: src/util.h src/wildcard.h src/wutil.h
obj/fallback.o: config.h src/signal.h src/fallback.h src/util.h
obj/fish.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/fish.o: src/env.h src/event.h src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/fish.o: src/fish_version.h src/function.h src/history.h src/wutil.h
obj/fish.o: src/input.h src/input_common.h src/io.h src/parser.h
obj/fish.o: src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h src/proc.h src/path.h
obj/fish.o: src/reader.h src/complete.h src/highlight.h src/color.h
obj/fish.o: src/wildcard.h
obj/fish_indent.o: config.h src/color.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/fish_indent.o: src/signal.h src/env.h src/fish_version.h src/highlight.h
obj/fish_indent.o: src/input.h src/output.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/fish_indent.o: src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h src/print_help.h
obj/fish_indent.o: src/wutil.h
obj/fish_key_reader.o: config.h src/signal.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/fish_key_reader.o: src/env.h src/input.h src/input_common.h src/proc.h
obj/fish_key_reader.o: src/io.h src/parse_tree.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/fish_key_reader.o: src/tokenizer.h src/print_help.h src/reader.h
obj/fish_key_reader.o: src/complete.h src/highlight.h src/color.h src/wutil.h
obj/fish_tests.o: config.h src/signal.h src/builtin.h src/common.h
obj/fish_tests.o: src/fallback.h src/color.h src/complete.h src/env.h
obj/fish_tests.o: src/env_universal_common.h src/wutil.h src/event.h
obj/fish_tests.o: src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h src/function.h
obj/fish_tests.o: src/highlight.h src/history.h src/input.h
obj/fish_tests.o: src/input_common.h src/io.h src/iothread.h src/lru.h
obj/fish_tests.o: src/pager.h src/reader.h src/screen.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/fish_tests.o: src/tokenizer.h src/parse_util.h src/parser.h src/proc.h
obj/fish_tests.o: src/path.h src/utf8.h src/wcstringutil.h src/wildcard.h
obj/fish_version.o: src/fish_version.h
obj/function.o: config.h src/autoload.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/function.o: src/signal.h src/lru.h src/env.h src/event.h src/function.h
obj/function.o: src/intern.h src/parser_keywords.h src/reader.h
obj/function.o: src/complete.h src/highlight.h src/color.h
obj/function.o: src/parse_constants.h src/wutil.h
obj/highlight.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/highlight.o: src/signal.h src/color.h src/env.h src/expand.h
obj/highlight.o: src/parse_constants.h src/function.h src/event.h
obj/highlight.o: src/highlight.h src/history.h src/wutil.h src/output.h
obj/highlight.o: src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h src/parse_util.h src/path.h
obj/highlight.o: src/wildcard.h src/complete.h
obj/history.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/env.h
obj/history.o: src/history.h src/wutil.h src/iothread.h src/lru.h
obj/history.o: src/parse_constants.h src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h
obj/history.o: src/path.h src/reader.h src/complete.h src/highlight.h
obj/history.o: src/color.h src/sanity.h
obj/input.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/env.h
obj/input.o: src/event.h src/input.h src/input_common.h src/io.h src/output.h
obj/input.o: src/color.h src/parser.h src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/input.o: src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h src/proc.h src/reader.h
obj/input.o: src/complete.h src/highlight.h src/wutil.h
obj/input_common.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/input_common.o: src/env.h src/env_universal_common.h src/wutil.h
obj/input_common.o: src/input_common.h src/iothread.h src/util.h
obj/intern.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/intern.h
obj/io.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/exec.h
obj/io.o: src/io.h src/wutil.h
obj/iothread.o: config.h src/signal.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/iothread.o: src/iothread.h
obj/kill.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/output.o: config.h src/color.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/output.o: src/env.h src/output.h src/wutil.h
obj/pager.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/complete.h
obj/pager.o: src/highlight.h src/color.h src/env.h src/pager.h src/reader.h
obj/pager.o: src/parse_constants.h src/screen.h src/util.h src/wutil.h
obj/parse_execution.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/parse_execution.o: src/signal.h src/complete.h src/env.h src/event.h
obj/parse_execution.o: src/exec.h src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/parse_execution.o: src/function.h src/io.h src/parse_execution.h
obj/parse_execution.o: src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h src/proc.h
obj/parse_execution.o: src/parse_util.h src/parser.h src/path.h src/reader.h
obj/parse_execution.o: src/highlight.h src/color.h src/util.h src/wildcard.h
obj/parse_execution.o: src/wutil.h
obj/parse_productions.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/parse_productions.o: src/parse_constants.h src/parse_productions.h
obj/parse_productions.o: src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h
obj/parse_tree.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/parse_tree.o: src/parse_constants.h src/parse_productions.h
obj/parse_tree.o: src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h src/proc.h src/io.h
obj/parse_tree.o: src/wutil.h
obj/parse_util.o: config.h src/builtin.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/parse_util.o: src/signal.h src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/parse_util.o: src/parse_tree.h src/tokenizer.h src/parse_util.h
obj/parse_util.o: src/util.h src/wildcard.h src/complete.h src/wutil.h
obj/parser.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/env.h
obj/parser.o: src/event.h src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h src/function.h
obj/parser.o: src/intern.h src/parse_execution.h src/io.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/parser.o: src/tokenizer.h src/proc.h src/parse_util.h src/parser.h
obj/parser.o: src/reader.h src/complete.h src/highlight.h src/color.h
obj/parser.o: src/sanity.h src/wutil.h
obj/parser_keywords.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/parser_keywords.o: src/parser_keywords.h
obj/path.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/env.h
obj/path.o: src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h src/path.h src/wutil.h
obj/postfork.o: config.h src/signal.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/exec.h
obj/postfork.o: src/io.h src/iothread.h src/postfork.h src/proc.h
obj/postfork.o: src/parse_tree.h src/parse_constants.h src/tokenizer.h
obj/postfork.o: src/wutil.h
obj/print_help.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/print_help.o: src/print_help.h
obj/proc.o: config.h src/signal.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/event.h
obj/proc.o: src/io.h src/output.h src/color.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/proc.o: src/parse_constants.h src/tokenizer.h src/parser.h src/expand.h
obj/proc.o: src/proc.h src/reader.h src/complete.h src/highlight.h src/env.h
obj/proc.o: src/sanity.h src/util.h src/wutil.h
obj/reader.o: config.h src/signal.h src/color.h src/common.h src/fallback.h
obj/reader.o: src/complete.h src/env.h src/event.h src/exec.h src/expand.h
obj/reader.o: src/parse_constants.h src/function.h src/highlight.h
obj/reader.o: src/history.h src/wutil.h src/input.h src/input_common.h
obj/reader.o: src/intern.h src/io.h src/iothread.h src/kill.h src/output.h
obj/reader.o: src/pager.h src/reader.h src/screen.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/reader.o: src/tokenizer.h src/parse_util.h src/parser.h src/proc.h
obj/reader.o: src/sanity.h src/util.h
obj/sanity.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/history.h
obj/sanity.o: src/wutil.h src/kill.h src/proc.h src/io.h src/parse_tree.h
obj/sanity.o: src/parse_constants.h src/tokenizer.h src/reader.h
obj/sanity.o: src/complete.h src/highlight.h src/color.h src/env.h
obj/sanity.o: src/sanity.h
obj/screen.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/env.h
obj/screen.o: src/highlight.h src/color.h src/output.h src/pager.h
obj/screen.o: src/complete.h src/reader.h src/parse_constants.h src/screen.h
obj/screen.o: src/util.h
obj/signal.o: config.h src/signal.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/event.h
obj/signal.o: src/proc.h src/io.h src/parse_tree.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/signal.o: src/tokenizer.h src/reader.h src/complete.h src/highlight.h
obj/signal.o: src/color.h src/env.h src/wutil.h
obj/tokenizer.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/tokenizer.o: src/tokenizer.h src/wutil.h
obj/utf8.o: config.h src/utf8.h
obj/util.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/util.h
obj/util.o: src/wutil.h
obj/wcstringutil.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/wcstringutil.o: src/wcstringutil.h
obj/wgetopt.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/wgetopt.o: src/wgetopt.h src/wutil.h
obj/wildcard.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h
obj/wildcard.o: src/complete.h src/expand.h src/parse_constants.h
obj/wildcard.o: src/reader.h src/highlight.h src/color.h src/env.h
obj/wildcard.o: src/wildcard.h src/wutil.h
obj/wutil.o: config.h src/common.h src/fallback.h src/signal.h src/wutil.h