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/** \file kill.h
Prototypes for the killring.
Works like the killring in emacs and readline. The killring is cut and paste whith a memory of previous cuts.
#ifndef FISH_KILL_H
#define FISH_KILL_H
#include <wchar.h>
Replace the specified string in the killring
void kill_replace(const wcstring &old, const wcstring &newv);
/** Add a string to the top of the killring */
void kill_add(const wcstring &str);
/** Rotate the killring */
const wchar_t *kill_yank_rotate();
/** Paste from the killring */
const wchar_t *kill_yank();
/** Sanity check */
void kill_sanity_check();
/** Initialize the killring */
void kill_init();
/** Destroy the killring */
void kill_destroy();
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