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.gitignore additions & fixes

The last commit to .gitignore caused git to ignore the whole xcode
project. Also, the addition of `/` to too many paths means missing things in
the pcre2 subdir.

Add a bunch of files I found evidence had existed in my checkout at one
time or another - and a few things I decided to add after looking over
other projects' .gitignores..
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1 parent dc02587 commit ef5d3232e45e7ae357720dadc86f5e78ed048f50 @floam floam committed Aug 10, 2016
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  1. +2 −1 .gitattributes
  2. +53 −18 .gitignore
@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@ export-ignore
/.github/* export-ignore
# for linguist; let github identify our project as C++ instead of C due to pcre2
-/pcre2* linguist-vendored
+/pcre2-10.21/ linguist-vendored
+/pcre2-10.21/* linguist-vendored
angular.js linguist-vendored
/doc_src/* linguist-documentation
*.fish linguist-language=fish
@@ -1,58 +1,82 @@
# Note that some of the patterns below should be in an individual's
-# ~/.config/git/ignore file. For example, ".DS_Store" for people working on
-# macOS (aka OS X). They're included here to minimize the likelihood of such
-# artifacts inadvertently getting added to the project.
+# ~/.config/git/ignore file. For example, ".DS_Store" from people working on
+# MacOS.
# File extensions that should never be checked in regardless of which project
# directory they reside in.
# These file names can appear anywhere in the hierarchy. They tend to be OS
# or build system artifacts.
# Directories that only contain transitory files from building and testing.
-# They are all at the top level of the project; hence the leading slash.
# File names that can appear in the project root that represent artifacts from
# building and testing.
# File names that can appear below the project root that represent artifacts
# from building and testing.
@@ -61,3 +85,14 @@ autom4te.cache
+# xcode
+## Build generated

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