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Keyboard mapping completely incorrect when connecting to a VM's tty #1265

mbentley opened this Issue Jan 25, 2014 · 7 comments


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When trying to connect to a terminal in VirtualBox or Parallels (quite possibly other software as well), the keyboard seems to mapped all wrong. I see this both in VirtualBox and Parallels. It's not like a few keys are weird, the entire keyboard mapping is wrong. When connected over ssh, it is fine though. I also tried to connect to the same VM from Windows just to make sure it wasn't something odd with OS X causing the problem and the same issue appeared.

The VM is running Ubuntu 12.04 amd64 on both VirtualBox and Parallels. On another host host that runs VirtualBox on Debian 7 (wheezy), I am able to log in physically at the tty without any problems with fish as the default shell.




zanchey commented Jan 25, 2014

Have you got any way of running any commands? e.g. copying and pasting in text? It would be useful to know what the current terminal type is (echo $TERM).

I was able to figure out how it was mapping enough keys to go back in my history to execute echo $TERM and it is set to linux.


ridiculousfish commented Jan 25, 2014

The last screenshot shows you stuck at login? If so, this looks like it's not fish specific. Does it only affect fish?

Sorry, the 2nd screen shot doesn't show the problem well. I am able to login just fine on both and the same character issue occurs. Once I log out, the keyboard mapping isn't correct on both VirtualBox and Parallels so the behavior is consistent. With bash as my shell, the problem does not occur.

Just to make sure, I removed my config.fish to make sure it wasn't something with that causing issues - it didn't change. I've tried using the ppa Debian package as well as compiling from source and it happens on both.

I installed fish by manually compiling on a Debian 6 (squeeze) amd64 and on a Debian 7 (wheezy) amd64 installation and I did not have the same issue there. The Ubuntu 12.04 amd64 installations are base installations with ssh and docker installed, nothing more.

@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish added this to the fish-future milestone Nov 4, 2014


faho commented Sep 28, 2015

Can anyone still reproduce this with current git? @mbentley?


faho commented Jan 7, 2017

No changes in a long time, assuming fixed.

@faho faho closed this Jan 7, 2017

@faho faho removed this from the fish-future milestone Jan 7, 2017

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