Arrow keys through mosh for Chrome become literal [A/[B/[C/[D sequences in fish #1276

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badp commented Jan 31, 2014

When I use arrow keys through the NaCl implementation of mosh, fish interpretes the input as literal [A/[B/[C/[D sequences (literally: left brace followed by uppercase character), rather than arrows. That is, I get the same result from typing:

echo (press left arrow on keyboard) | hexdump

and issuing this command:

echo [D | hexdump

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faho commented Sep 15, 2015

Is this still an issue in current master? I'm thinking a66d440 might have fixed it.


zanchey commented Nov 13, 2015

I backed that out, so probably not.

Mosh in Chrome is rad, but I can't reproduce the problem with v0.3.0.258 of and fish 2.1.1 or 2.2.0.

I see an entry in the mosh-chrome changelog that says:

Mosh for Chrome v0.2.2.22
@rpwoodbu released this on 24 Feb 2014
Faster pasting / better escape sequence handling - If you've ever noticed that pasting into the window was sluggish, you'll now notice it isn't anymore. The sluggishness may have also caused problems with interpretation escape sequences on janky connections (e.g., arrow keys).

I'm going to close this for now as I suspect it has been fixed by the above, but if anyone can reproduce it sing out!

zanchey closed this Nov 13, 2015

zanchey removed this from the fish-future milestone Nov 13, 2015

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