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zanchey commented Feb 4, 2014

Since the new parser landed, repeatedly pressing Tab no longer cycles through the available completions - as noted in #1216 (comment).

This might be a regression but one suggestion on IRC was that instead of cycling through the available completions, if there is ambiguity tab should instead cycle the available completions as suggestions, which could then be accepted with the right arrow. This would mean that repeatedly tapping tab only completes the unambiguous parts of the argument, solving #974 and #1029 and a frequently asked question on IRC.


Before long we're going to turn on the new pager, which has some rather different behavior. I recommend testing with that. set fish_new_pager 1

zanchey commented Feb 5, 2014

Ok, works in new pager.


Verified. Works with set fish_new_pager 1.

BTW, very cool pager! 👍

adaigre commented Mar 31, 2014

I use PuTTy in SSH and set fish_new_pager 1 but it doesn't work ...
Any idea ?


@adaigre which branch are you using? Are you building from source or using one from a package?

adaigre commented Mar 31, 2014

@mandeepsandhu I use the package provided on the ArchLinux repository. He seem to be approximately up to date, no ?


@adaigre Sometimes the repo builds are a few versions behind. I'm using one from the Ubuntu 13.10 repo, and that seems to be a couple of versions behind and does not have this feature. If I build from master branch, however, then I can use this feature (sadly though, both the repo build and the master build report the same version via fish --version), i.e 2.0.0 :(.

adaigre commented Mar 31, 2014

You're right ! I just build Fish from the repo and I've got the new pager. Thanks for your help !

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