Odd issue with pip install #1298

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When trying to install a Python package using pip with the following command,

pythonw -m pip install -e git+git://github.com/glue-viz/glue.git#egg=glue

I get this error

--editable=git+git://github.com/glue-viz/glue.git is not the right format; it must have #egg=Package

This struck me as odd as you can see the error is complaining about a missing feature that is in the command line. I opened up a bash shell and ran the same command with no issues, so it does seem to be localized to Fish.


zanchey commented Feb 12, 2014

The problem is the # character starts a comment. Try escaping it with \#.

This has bitten a few people recently; see this thread on the mailing list.

I wonder if it is worth forcing comments to start either at the beginning of the line or with whitespace (have we discussed this before..?)


xfix commented Feb 12, 2014

I think I agree with changing behavior of #. I think we did, but I cannot find the discussion about this (too bad that search doesn't allow searching for #). Anyway, I agree with this change, as it sorta annoys me too. I sometimes read IRC log files with names like GlitchMr_OFTC_#fish_20140212.log. In fish, I have to escape #, because otherwise the string ends prematurely. Of course, tab completion does that for me, but it's still the problem when I'm on mobile (where tab is so slow that I might as well type it myself).

I'm in the same boat as @xfix on the behavior of # in Fish. Fish is fantastic, but I think deviating too much from bash can hurt the adoption.


zanchey commented Feb 12, 2014

We did - in #953 - and agreed!

zanchey added the duplicate label Feb 12, 2014


ridiculousfish commented Nov 2, 2014

We ought to better match bash's behavior for comments with the fix in 4b6639f

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