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[Tab Completions] Please remove duplicate options when it has existed #1315

douglarek opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Take this for example:

pgist:master λ git rebase --abort --
--abort                                 (Abort the rebase operation)
--autosquash                                   (Automatic squashing)
--continue                            (Restart the rebasing process)
--force-rebase                                    (Force the rebase)
--help                         (Display the manual of a git command)
--interactive                                     (Interactive mode)
--keep-empty           (Keep the commits that don't cahnge anything)
--merge                           (Use merging strategies to rebase)
--no-autosquash                             (No automatic squashing)
--no-ff                                            (No fast-forward)
--no-stat                        (Don't show diffstat of the rebase)
--no-verify                 (Don't allow the pre-rebase hook to run)
--preserve-merges                           (Try to recreate merges)
--quiet                                                   (Be quiet)
--root                                (Rebase all reachable commits)
--skip  (Restart the rebasing process by skipping the current patch)
--stat                                 (Show diffstat of the rebase)
--verbose                                               (Be verbose)
--verify                          (Allow the pre-rebase hook to run)

Since --abort has existed , we should avoid showing it again!


There would need to be a way to disable this; many utilities accept the same option multiple times. For example, rdiff-backup supports multiple --except flags.


@zanchey yeah, there should be a way to disable this in each option, for example , add a -m option in complete command.


Actually, there is already a way for it, but it works only with single options given as the same argument. For example, if you type perl -n, it won't propose perl -nn as tab competion.

@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish added this to the next-major milestone
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