fish incorrectly completes after escaped space character #2447

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Enter the following:

sudo /Applications/Font\<space here>

Then hit tab, fish offers completions for the currently directory:

sudo /Applications/Font\
$ns/Font\ Applications/  (Command to run)  $ns/Font\ Library/   (Command to run)  $ns/Font\ Public/  (Command to run)
$ns/Font\ Desktop/       (Command to run)  $ns/Font\ Movies/    (Command to run)  $ns/Font\ Sites/   (Command to run)
$ns/Font\ Documents/     (Command to run)  $ns/Font\ Music/     (Command to run)  
$ns/Font\ Downloads/     (Command to run)  $ns/Font\ Pictures/  (Command to run)

Instead of:

sudo /Applications/Font\
faho commented Sep 30, 2015

Sooo... You only get this when you press tab right after the escaped (or quoted) space, right?

I.e. sudo /Applications/Font\ <TAB> causes issues, sudo /Applications/Font<TAB> doesn't?

faho commented Sep 30, 2015

Compare also #2274.


Yes, sudo /Applications/Font\ <TAB> causes the issue, sudo /Applications/Font<TAB> doesn't.

faho commented Sep 30, 2015

I've investigated this a bit and found there's two issues at play here:

  • complete --do-complete expects the argument to be double-escaped (i.e. passed as one still escaped argument) - this means if you run complete -C "/Applications/Font " you'll get a completion as if the cursor was after a space - i.e. by default a file

Now, this is undoubtedly useful in many cases, and it's quite clean - it accepts a commandline, so you can just hand it a commandline (or part of one) and it'll do the right thing. Well, except it won't since commandline breaks quoting (#2210) and also escaping - if I have echo "echo banana" > a\ b in my commandline, it outputs echo echo banana > a b. But if commandline were bugfree, it'd work.

This part is worked around easy enough - just use string escape -n.

However, there's a second part here, and it's one I've mentioned in a previous issue (though I can't find the bugger):

  • Even when we output the correct string , the comparison logic is off so it won't be properly inserted

This is probably better explained via example:

If I make it output the normal string (i.e. /Applications/Font, what ends up in the commandline is /Applications/Font\ /Applications/Font\
If I make the completion output the escaped string (i.e. /Applications/Font\, what ends up in the commandline is /Applications/Font\ /tmp/Font\\\

If one manages to trigger the completion menu (because there's more than one choice), one can pick both and they correctly replace the commandline.

As I've said before - completion before the space works.

@ridiculousfish: Mind taking a look? I think I've narrowed it down a bit.

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faho commented Jan 20, 2016

Moved @ridiculousfish's self-assignment to this one from #2687.

@krader1961 krader1961 modified the milestone: next-2.x, 2.3.0 Mar 22, 2016

We've only got a handful of issues blocking the 2.3.0 release milestone. This issue isn't one that should block a new minor release so I'm retargeting this to next-2.x so we can focus our efforts on fixing the issues that should be fixed for the 2.3.0 release.


This is the only bug I experience with fish, but it happens on a daily basis. It doesn't make fish unusable for general use, but it's not very user friendly.

This should probably get the 'bug' tag.

@faho faho added the bug label May 19, 2016

Fixed as f08ac96. Thanks for filing this.

@krader1961 krader1961 modified the milestone: fish 2.4.0, next-2.x Sep 3, 2016
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