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CDPATH should implicitly include $PWD/"." #4484

David-A-RogersHS2 opened this issue Oct 16, 2017 · 6 comments

CDPATH should implicitly include $PWD/"." #4484

David-A-RogersHS2 opened this issue Oct 16, 2017 · 6 comments


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macOS Sierra/iterm

For testing purposes, I moved my fish directory elsewhere. If I set CDPATH to ~/mydirs, then if I am in my home dir, attempting to cd to any subdir fails. Note that ~/mydirs is empty at this point.

This terminal listing shows the issue.

Welcome to fish, the friendly interactive shell
david@Davids-MacBook-Pro ~> cd bin
david@Davids-MacBook-Pro ~/bin> ..
david@Davids-MacBook-Pro ~> set -x CDPATH /Users/david/mydirs/
david@Davids-MacBook-Pro ~> cd bin
cd: The directory 'bin' does not exist
david@Davids-MacBook-Pro ~> fish --version
fish, version 2.6.0
david@Davids-MacBook-Pro ~> echo $version
david@Davids-MacBook-Pro ~>

If I unset CDPATH, I can cd to subdirs of $HOME again.

I thought it might be something I did, but I removed my .config/fish directory and it still happens.

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I dunno if this will help, but here's the result of the set command.

Apple_PubSub_Socket_Render /private/tmp/
COLORTERM truecolor
HOME /Users/david
IFS \n\ \t
ITERM_PROFILE 'Default Fish'
ITERM_SESSION_ID w0t1p0:6BDE260C-2B97-4CA0-9078-47133A1B46DC
PATH '/usr/local/bin'  '/usr/bin'  '/bin'  '/usr/sbin'  '/sbin'
PWD /Users/david
SHELL /bin/bash
SSH_AUTH_SOCK /private/tmp/
TERM xterm-256color
TERM_SESSION_ID w0t1p0:6BDE260C-2B97-4CA0-9078-47133A1B46DC
TMPDIR /var/folders/ky/6z5qfryx7sj5_4js_7skh9680000gn/T/
USER david
_ set
__fish_active_key_bindings fish_default_key_bindings
__fish_bin_dir /usr/local/Cellar/fish/2.6.0/bin
__fish_datadir /usr/local/Cellar/fish/2.6.0/share/fish
__fish_help_dir /usr/local/Cellar/fish/2.6.0/share/doc/fish
__fish_prompt_hostname Davids-MBP
__fish_sysconfdir /usr/local/Cellar/fish/2.6.0/etc/fish
fish_bind_mode default
fish_color_autosuggestion '555'  'brblack'
fish_color_cancel -r
fish_color_command --bold
fish_color_comment red
fish_color_cwd green
fish_color_cwd_root red
fish_color_end brmagenta
fish_color_error brred
fish_color_escape 'bryellow'  '--bold'
fish_color_history_current --bold
fish_color_host normal
fish_color_match --background=brblue
fish_color_normal normal
fish_color_operator bryellow
fish_color_param cyan
fish_color_quote yellow
fish_color_redirection brblue
fish_color_search_match 'bryellow'  '--background=brblack'
fish_color_selection 'white'  '--bold'  '--background=brblack'
fish_color_user brgreen
fish_color_valid_path --underline
fish_complete_path '/Users/david/.config/fish/completions'  '/usr/local/Cellar/fish'…
fish_function_path '/Users/david/.config/fish/functions'  '/usr/local/Cellar/fish/2'…
fish_greeting 'Welcome to fish, the friendly interactive shell'
fish_key_bindings fish_default_key_bindings
fish_pager_color_description 'B3A06D'  'yellow'
fish_pager_color_prefix 'white'  '--bold'  '--underline'
fish_pager_color_progress 'brwhite'  '--background=cyan'
fish_term24bit 1
history 'exit'  'll'  'rm -Rf fish'  'man rm'  'cd .config/'  'set'  'cd bin/'  'set -e CD'…
status 0
umask 0022
version 2.6.0

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faho commented Oct 17, 2017

The issue here is that, unlike bash, fish doesn't include "." implicitly in CDPATH - if you set it, only those directories will be used.

That's probably not the right way to do it, and should be changed.

We could either append or prepend it. Appending is what bash does, and has the advantage of being backwards-compatible - no currently working cd call will behave differently, only things that currently error out will go to a directory. On the other hand, I seem to like prepending - my CDPATH includes "." as the first element. It has the advantage of putting $PWD first - if you do ls, then you can cd to something you saw there without needing to use "./".

My $CDPATH setting is also why I erroneously added 1af38d6, which makes the completions behave as if "." was implicitly prepended.

Does anyone have any preferences?

@faho faho added this to the fish-3.0 milestone Oct 17, 2017
@faho faho changed the title Bug in CDPATH handling? CDPATH should implicitly include $PWD/"." Oct 17, 2017
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faho commented Oct 17, 2017

Note that currently, explicitly adding "." to $CDPATH will work around it.


set -x CDPATH /Users/david/mydirs/ .

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Thank you so much! I couldn't imagine why no one else was having this problem.

As far as I'm concerned it doesn't have to be changed at all as long as it is documented that you always want to have . in your CDPATH.

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faho commented Oct 17, 2017

As far as I'm concerned it doesn't have to be changed at all as long as it is documented that you always want to have . in your CDPATH.

Well... if you always want to have it, then why not include it?

If there's no reason not to include it, then allowing you not to is allowing you to shoot yourself in the foot for no reason.

And, as I said, even bash doesn't allow you to not have it (at least as far as I can see).

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Hmm. Maybe add it if it's not already somewhere in the list. If you allow the user to specify it then they can decide whether to prepend or append.

faho added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 18, 2017
That's not what happens - I had set CDPATH to start with ".".

See #4484.

This reverts commit 1af38d6.
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish modified the milestones: fish-3.0, fish-future Feb 28, 2018
@faho faho closed this as completed in b862009 Mar 26, 2019
@faho faho modified the milestones: fish-future, fish 3.1.0 Mar 26, 2019
mfilenko added a commit to mfilenko/dotfiles that referenced this issue Feb 5, 2020
@github-actions github-actions bot locked as resolved and limited conversation to collaborators Apr 17, 2020
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