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Backslash + enter in mid line splits line #613

robacarp opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Robert L. Carpenter Terje Larsen ridiculousfish
Robert L. Carpenter

I cant decide if this is a bug or a feature, but this trips me up at least once a day. This example is sort of indicative of the majority of interface errors I run across with fish, having come from bash.

This command has a * in it, which has a slightly different series of consequences in this context for fish than for bash, so I hit this error:

> rake resque:work QUEUE=* COUNT=1 VERBOSE=1
fish: No matches for wildcard 'QUEUE=*'.
rake resque:work QUEUE=* COUNT=1 VERBOSE=1

As a result, I up-arrow, left-arrow over, and insert a backslash:

> rake resque:work QUEUE=\* COUNT=1 VERBOSE=1

With my cursor still positioned on the * after the backslash, I hit enter expecting the command to run. Instead, the query editor splits my line:

> rake resque:work QUEUE=\

So, in order to get the command to run, I have to hit ^e or End before hitting enter.

As I said, I'm not entirely sure if this is expected behavior or a bug involving the editor. My instinct says probably the latter.

Terje Larsen

Yes :+1: for this. Also noticed and run in to this a lot and it bothers me. But I still kind of like it in the proper place where you'd like to split the line, so haven't come up with a better solution.

Maybe make sure it is a white space character after the \ to do a split.


Let's try terlar's suggestion. Now a backslash has to terminate a line, or be followed by whitespace, for the return key to break a line.


Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed bug report.

maxfl maxfl referenced this issue from a commit in maxfl/fish-shell
ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Return key should only insert a newline if backslashed character is w…
…hitespace, or backslash terminates the line

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