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When changed to 8-bit encoding, fish attempts to use ellipsis. #649

xfix opened this Issue · 2 comments

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glitchmr@pineapple ~> echo $LANG
glitchmr@pineapple ~> echo ~/.config/fish/
…fig/fish/completions/ …fig/fish/fish_history …fig/fish/fish_read_history …fig/fish/fishd.pineapple …fig/fish/functions/ …fig/fish/generated_completions/
glitchmr@pineapple ~> set LANG pl_PL.ISO-8859-2
glitchmr@pineapple ~> echo ~/.config/fish/
…fig/fish/comp$ …fig/fish/fish$ …fig/fish/fish_read$ …fig/fish/fishd.p$ …fig/fish/fu$ …fig/fish/generated_comp$
glitchmr@pineapple ~>

Paths begin with … that ISO-8859-2 doesn't have, and end with $ cutting last seven characters of name.


I think what's going on is something like this:

  1. Modifying $LANG calls setlocale
  2. setlocale fails. The locale remains pl_PL.UTF-8, which is Unicode, and therefore the ellipsis character is still three dots.
  3. When you tab complete, fish_pager is started. It sees $LANG = pl_PL.ISO-8859-2. The locale is initialized to "C", which is not Unicode

So the crazy …fig/fish/comp$ …fig/fish/fish$ is explained like so: the $ is from fish_pager, which inherited a busted locale. The ellipsis is from fish, which inherited an OK locale, and refused to change it.


With the death of fish_pager, does this still happen?

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