Handle environment variables with = signs correctly #2403

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crmne commented Sep 18, 2015


I need to run this line:

export THEANO_FLAGS='floatX=float32,device=gpu,nvcc.fastmath=True'

but the current implementation of the export function doesn't export anything, since the tr command would split the string at all the occurrences of the equal sign and end up having no case in the switch statement.


By using sed we ensure that the string gets split at only the first occurrence of the equal sign, emulating more carefully bash's behavior.

faho commented Sep 18, 2015

This sounds okay, but I'd like a comment codifying this, so someone touching it (and I'll probably touch every single sed invocation in our codebase shortly) knows this is intentional.

@faho faho added a commit that closed this pull request Sep 24, 2015
@faho faho export: Enable values with "=" in them
Only split on the first "=" to achieve this.

Closes #2403
@faho faho closed this in 20e96df Sep 24, 2015
faho commented Sep 24, 2015

Hi, I've now pushed a slightly different solution using our new cool string tool, including a comment.

Still thanks for your contribution!

@faho faho added this to the next-2.x milestone Sep 24, 2015
lledey commented Oct 12, 2015

There is an issue with this fix, the \n is interpreted as "\n" instead of a line return.
I can't make a pull request but the fix is very simple.

diff --git a/share/functions/export.fish b/share/functions/export.fish
index 7c6248e..5ffd27d 100644
--- a/share/functions/export.fish
+++ b/share/functions/export.fish
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ function export --description 'Set global variable. Alias for set -gx, made for
         for arg in $argv
                        # Only split on the first =
-            set -l v (echo $arg | string replace "=" "\n")
+            set -l v (echo $arg | string replace "=" \n)
             set -l c (count $v)
             switch $c
                     case 1
faho commented Oct 12, 2015

@lledey: Well, that's embarassing. Thanks for pointing it out! Fixed in 54f2152.

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