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faho commented May 25, 2016

I have to say I don't get why we suppressed autosuggestions in these circumstances. It feels better to allow it, and it doesn't seem to crash or overwhelm my poor little laptop or anything.

It also suppresses after killing, which might be a little more sensible - otherwise it often suggests just what you deleted (which would be a poor man's undo).

Also I quite like that this doesn't include a single new character. All made from free-range recycled bytes.

See #3016.

faho added some commits May 25, 2016
@faho faho Allow autosuggestion after completion
It seems kinda silly to not directly do it, but it was explicitly
stopped in the code.

I'm quite good at deleting that, aren't I?

Fixes #3016.
@faho faho Allow suggestion when selecting in pager
Also mentioned in #3016.
@faho faho added the enhancement label May 25, 2016

A cursory review of the change didn't reveal any obvious bogosities. I patched it into my system and didn't observe any harmful side-effects. So I have no objection to it being merged. Nonetheless, I didn't do a deep dive into the relevant code so I would like someone else with more knowledge of this part of the fish code to give a +1 before it is merged. However, if no one raises any objections in the next six days I recommend merging it. We can always revert or amend the change if it turns out to have problems.


We can try it!



@krader1961 krader1961 closed this May 27, 2016
@zanchey zanchey added this to the next-2.x milestone May 28, 2016
@faho faho added the release-notes label Aug 1, 2016
@faho faho modified the milestone: fish 2.4.0, next-2.x Sep 4, 2016
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