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chown completion chown currently uses cat /etc/group to fetch the list of group names. In Cygwin there's no /etc/group file any more (user and group names are fetched directly from the OS), so when a user tries to tab-complete the group name they get an error message:

ASchulma@LZ77E1AASCHULMA ~/d/fish> chown ASchulma:cat: /etc/group: No such file or directory

This change fixes that by using getent group by preference to get the group names, and falling back to /etc/group. This is more portable, and it also agrees with the logic used for chgrp completion in __fish_complete_groups.


  • Changes to fish usage are reflected in user documenation/manpages.
  • Tests have been added for regressions fixed
@@ -9,4 +9,4 @@ complete -c chown -s v -l verbose --description "Output diagnostic for every fil
complete -c chown -s h -l help --description "Display help and exit"
complete -c chown -l version --description "Display version and exit"
complete -c chown --description "Username" -a "(__fish_print_users):"
-complete -c chown --description "Username" -a "(echo (commandline -ct)| __fish_sgrep -o '.*:')(cat /etc/group |cut -d : -f 1)"
+complete -c chown --description "Username" -a "(echo (commandline -ct)| __fish_sgrep -o '.*:')(if test -x /usr/bin/getent; getent group; else; cat /etc/group; end |cut -d : -f 1)"
faho Sep 15, 2016 edited Member

This might also be in /bin or /sbin or /usr/local/bin or /I'm/weird/so/this/is/my/bin - use command -s getent >/dev/null.

faho Sep 15, 2016 Member

Wait.... why doesn't this just use __fish_complete_groups?

andrex-e-schulman Sep 15, 2016 Contributor

__fish_complete_groups uses slightly different logic to pull two fields from /etc/group (cut -d : -f 1,4), and adds a tab at the end. Different enough to not be useful for chown completion.

faho Sep 15, 2016 Member

The part after the tab is the description. You could just remove it again with string replace -r '\t.*$' ''.

faho Sep 15, 2016 Member

Though that description might be helpful here as well.

andrex-e-schulman Sep 16, 2016 Contributor

Got it. First time I've dug into completions. Yes, __fish_complete_groups works fine here, I'll revise.

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Merged, thanks!

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