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@zanchey zanchey Updated Release checklist (markdown) 0596f3e
@zanchey zanchey writing this down so hopefully I can turn this into a very small shell script 0116de7
@AerysBat AerysBat Changed name of the other page 33bdbf8
@AerysBat AerysBat even better name 3bab07f
@AerysBat AerysBat Github doesn't support redirection so making a list with one item seems like a better option. 74a6b30
@AerysBat AerysBat Made a more informative title ada4659
@zanchey zanchey update install instructions and supported versions 2bc7dc5
@amio amio Updated Nightly builds (markdown) 8bc64ad
@siteshwar siteshwar Added instructions for RHEL 7 20fa986
@siteshwar siteshwar Removed instructions for Fedora 18 25a9045
@siteshwar siteshwar Added instructions for Fedora 21 bcef34c
@nyarly nyarly Updated Bash Refugees (markdown) 153ea6a
@nyarly nyarly Updated Bash Refugees (markdown) 8ed237a
@nyarly nyarly Updated Bash Refugees (markdown) c45332d
@nyarly nyarly Created Bash Refugees (markdown) c82678f
@zanchey zanchey add yet another package source c3cb7c0
@zanchey zanchey add OpenCSW bd3cbd5
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Updated DocOpt samples (markdown) cda02ff
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Updated DocOpt sample (markdown) 4b5359e
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Updated DocOpt sample (markdown) 17cd6aa
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Updated DocOpt sample (markdown) 698d43e
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Updated DocOpt sample (markdown) 86d7697
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Updated DocOpt sample (markdown) 91b65c5
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Created DocOpt sample (markdown) 6f029cf
@pthrasher pthrasher Fixed a typo, and elaborated a bit more. 91e7e6c
@zanchey zanchey correct Debian commands (with thanks to @Frenchie) b427ce7
@bbs4us bbs4us Updated Nightly builds (markdown) 8b7252f
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Updated POSIX compatibility thoughts (markdown) d067945
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish Created POSIX compatibility thoughts (markdown) 2d5b18f
Konrad Borowski Updated Nightly builds (markdown) 15b77f7
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