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Dajaxice is the communication core of dajaxproject. It's main goal is to trivialize the asynchronous communication within the django server side code and your js code.
dajaxice is JS-framework agnostic and focuses on decoupling the presentation logic from the server-side logic. dajaxice only requieres 5 minutes to start working.
Dajaxice has the following aims:
* Isolate the communication between the client and the server.
* JS Framework agnostic (No Prototype, JQuery... needed ).
* Presentation logic outside the views (No presentation code inside ajax functions).
* Lightweight.
* Crossbrowsing ready.
* Unobtrusive standard-compliant (W3C) XMLHttpRequest 1.0 object usage.
Official site
Dajaxice thanks:
- Angel Abad for the package distribution.
- XmlHttpRequest.js project (License inside COPYING)
- json2.js Library (License inside COPYING)