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-FIRE-CBIR: Step-by-Step Installation Guide
+FIRE-CBIR: Content-Based Image Retrieval
+<a name="a" id="a">&nbsp;</a>
+This is a fork, maintained by me, fish2000; it is based on [the original research work of Thomas Deselaers](, which he undertook as part of his [thesis work]( [PDF] at [a university
+whose name I can't even dream of pronouncing without butchering it somehow]( My copy of the codebase came from [the FIRE-CBIR Google Code repository](
+Please see [Dr. Deselaers' FIRE-CBIR site]( for a full list of the many
+talented contributors to this fine codebase. It is their wish that users of FIRE-CBIR will cite their work with this formal citation:
+> Deselaers, T., Keysers, D., Ney, H., "Features for Image Retrieval: An Experimental Comparison", Information Retrieval, vol. 11, issue 2, The Netherlands, Springer, pp. 77-107, 03/2008.
+See [CITATIONS.txt]( for a complete bibliographical excerpt.
+<a name="h" id="h">&nbsp;</a>
+How To Install FIRE-CBIR: A Step-By-Step Guide
+*Adapted from*
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